Auto Insurance in Carrollton, TX

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Coverage That Goes with You

With a rich and storied history that dates to the 1840s with early settlers from the East, the town of Carrollton, TX continues to be the picture of Texas living with its vibrant residential and commercial communities. Residents are captivated by the abundance of green parks, superb school systems and safe, affordable neighborhoods. Though it's in the heart of the bustling Dallas-Fort Worth area, the city of Carrollton is a peaceful retreat just 20 minutes from first-class dining, shopping, and entertainment. Despite its proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, this community has none of the rat race of the corporate business world. Residents enjoy the color and serenity of the Nob Hill Greenbelt and Elm Fork Nature Preserve and unwind at the Coyote Ridge Golf Club. As you make your way through the streets of Carrollton or head out across busy highways, you won't just feel connected to the other major cities in the area, you enjoy the deep pull to the local community where family, friends, and neighbors care about each other.

Though the traffic statistics for Carrollton show few yearly fatalities from vehicle accidents, there is still the need for comprehensive auto insurance in Carrollton, TX. From addressing minor fender benders to damage by severe weather, VIU by HUB’s experts know what kind of coverage will best address your auto liabilities.

What Are the Requirements for Auto Insurance in Carrollton?

In Texas, both lessees and motor vehicle owners are legally required to show proof of financial ability to pay for any accident the driver causes through the entire registration period. Most often, this is done by purchasing liability insurance. Drivers who operate a vehicle while the insurance has been canceled or suspended is a criminal offense that can incur steep penalties. To avoid these consequences, proof of insurance must be carried. Our VIU by HUB brokers are local to Carrollton and understand what Texas law requires. We make it easy for you to always comply and have adequate coverage for your automobile.

What Kind of Coverage Is Available for Auto Insurance in Carrollton?

Most car owners will purchase the minimum liability coverage for their automobile, but this isn’t a guarantee of complete financial safety in the event of an accident. Being the victim in an accident or being the at-fault party carries different responsibilities and entitlements. General liability insurance doesn’t address the potential risks of these situations. Our brokers have decades of combined experience and can match you to the right coverage. In addition to carrying insurance on your daily use vehicle, you will want coverage on your RV, classic automobile, or motorcycle. To be compliant with Texas law, your policy must have:

  • Property damage liability with a $25,000 limit per accident
  • Bodily injury or death liability with a $30,000 per person coverage and $60,000 per accident for two or more individuals

In addition to these limits, consider the benefits of adding coverage beyond general liability or extending the payment minimums. The state of Texas does not require underinsured or uninsured motorists’ coverage, but this should be a priority consideration. Statistically, almost 14% of the drivers in the state don't carry insurance, leaving you with a one in seven chance that if you get into an accident, the other driver won't have insurance to cover any damages or injuries that happen to you. Carrying just the minimums will leave you exposed to greater financial responsibilities than your policy will cover. 

Given the extreme risk of being underinsured with Texas minimums, let our VIU by HUB brokers work with you on adding collision protection, medical payments, or comprehensive coverage to your auto insurance in Carrollton, TX. These extend the payouts for areas of property damage or medical expenses for both you and those in the vehicle regardless of who is at fault.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.