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Big Colleges, Major Destinations and Lots of Traffic

The city of Tempe is a vibrant place to live, learn, work and play, with countless things to do for families, college students and business professionals. There's the 1,500-acre Papago Park. with its multitude of hiking and biking trails, Tempe Town Lake for kayaking, Hayden Butte Preserve for relaxation and Tempe's many arts festivals. All of that excitement just has one downside: traffic. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation. the section of Highway 101 that runs through Tempe has an average daily traffic volume of over 215,000 vehicles!

That's a lot of traffic, especially considering that the population of Tempe is only about 180,000. Many people commute from the surrounding cities of Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale and Phoenix. Over 100,000 students attend Arizona State University, the University of Phoenix, Brookline College and other schools.

Auto insurance in Tempe is a must if you own a car. There are light rail and bus routes that travel to ASU and downtown Tempe, but only a minuscule fraction of residents use them (3.5%). In comparison, over 65% of households in Tempe drive to campus or to work. Full-coverage car insurance can cover vehicle repairs, medical costs and financial liability if you get into an accident during your commute.

A City of Drivers

The average commute in Tempe is just 20 minutes. If you live in Tempe but work in Phoenix, your commute may increase to 30 or 40 minutes, depending on traffic.

Commuting statistics matter because your risk of getting into an accident increases the longer you're behind the wheel every week. In addition to driving to work, you may use your vehicle to take kids to school, pick up groceries, shop for clothing or exercise at the park.

If you're like most people in Tempe, your family owns at least two vehicles. About 25% of households own three. VIU by HUB is a great tool for multi-vehicle families because it lets you compare a variety of policies for auto insurance in Tempe. In minutes, you can find the right coverage for each driver's preferred vehicle, daily routine, driving habits and insurance needs.

The Reality of Car Accidents in Tempe

It's normal not to want to think about a car accident happening to you or your family, but there's always a risk. Tempe had over 6,500 car accidents in 2022 alone, an average of 17 each day. If you count crash statistics for regional highways and interstates, the number of crashes jumps to a shocking 85,000 annually.

What's even more concerning is the high ratio of injuries to accidents in Tempe. Out of 6,500 crashes, 2,100 caused injuries, almost one-third. Over 3,000 people were injured.

Did you know that basic auto insurance in Arizona doesn't cover your injuries? To get coverage for your medical expenses after a crash, you need to invest in personal injury auto insurance. The same goes for repairing your vehicle: Collision insurance helps with the costs of repairs or replacements.

Help Finding Your Ideal Policy for Car Insurance in Tempe

The average cost of Tempe auto insurance is about $1,600 a year. That's slightly higher than Arizona's average but roughly the same as other parts of the country.

With VIU by HUB, you can compare insurance companies, types of insurance, coverage limits and add-ons. The more information you have, the easier it is to save money on your auto insurance in Tempe.

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