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Protect Your Peace of Mind With Car Insurance in Yuma, AZ

Yuma is an amazing place to call home. It offers ample opportunities for those who enjoy history, the arts, fine dining and outdoor recreation. Residents and visitors alike can take advantage of a widespread bus system that connects vital areas throughout the city. For those who prefer to drive, it's important to have full coverage car insurance in Yuma, AZ.

The Yuma Chamber of Commerce estimates that 18,000 cars pass through the city on I-8 each day. According to state crash reports. there were 1,488 car accidents reported in Yuma in 2022. Of those, nine were fatal, 697 resulted in injuries and 782 caused property damage only. Luckily, auto thefts in the city are less common than in other places throughout Arizona.

Approximately 31,405 people live and work within Yuma, while an additional 12,635 enter the city to work each day. Those figures don't account for seasonal population changes. Yuma is a popular destination for snowbirds, who nearly double the city's population during winter months.

Selecting Yuma Car Insurance Coverage

Any car insurance in Yuma, AZ, needs to at least meet the state minimum 25/50/15 liability coverage levels. According to the Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions, that means it must have at least:

  • $25,000 coverage per person
  • $25,000 coverage per accident
  • $15,000 coverage for property damage

These figures represent how much your insurance will pay out to others if you cause an accident. They do not include any coverage for your own vehicle. To ensure that your insurance covers damages to your car after an accident, you will need to add additional coverages, such as collision and comprehensive, to your Yuma car insurance policy.

Collision insurance pays for repairs to your car after many types of accidents, such as a collision with another car or hitting a stationary object. Coverage limits are typically based on a car's book value, so major damage may result in your insurance company declaring your car a total loss.

Comprehensive insurance pays for non-collision-related damages. This might include theft, vandalism or a tree falling on your car. It also includes damages caused by animals, such as hitting a deer or mice eating electrical wires. Glass coverage is also a component of your comprehensive insurance.

Paying for Car Insurance in Yuma, AZ

The average cost of car insurance in Yuma, AZ, is $1,523. That is less than the state average and significantly less than you would pay for similar coverage in one of the state's larger cities. How much you pay for car insurance in Yuma, AZ, will vary based on factors including:

  • Your driving record: Drivers with accidents or tickets usually pay more for insurance.
  • Your vehicle: Cars with high repair costs or elevated rates of theft may cost more than others to insure.
  • Age: The age of a car's primary driver impacts rates. Younger, less experienced drivers tend to pay higher premiums than those who are at least 25.
  • Coverage levels: How much insurance you elect to purchase and the deductibles you choose for collision and comprehensive affect your premium.
  • Driving patterns: Generally, people who drive more each day pay more for insurance than those who keep a car for occasional use.

Before purchasing car insurance in Yuma, AZ, compare rates from several providers with VIU by HUB to explore your options.

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