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Customize Your Home Insurance in Arkansas

Nestled between the Arkansas River and Lake Conway in Central Arkansas, Conway is a rich suburb close to Little Rock. Conway can hold its own against the capital city with plenty of technology, industry, entertainment and culture. There are 67,617 residents in Conway and 24,710 households. At the center of the city is the University of Central Arkansas, a top employer and attraction.

What You Need To Know About Living in Conway

Conway has a vibrant economy focusing on health care, education and retail and an average unemployment rate of 3.1%. The household income rate in Conway is $48,104 and poverty has taken a big dive to 18.4% in 2021. More than 44% of the residents here own their homes, with property values at $195,800 and growing.

Conway is part of the south and experiences a humid subtropical climate. Unfortunately, this type of climate is prone to some natural disasters. Winters here can be tricky and bring dangerous winter weather and ice storms. This part of Arkansas doesn't experience the worst of the south's weather, like hurricanes or frequent tornadoes. Property crime puts people at a 1 in 33 chance of experiencing a problem.

Budgeting for Home Insurance

Arkansas has higher home insurance rates than other parts of the nation. Conway's average annual rate for a $300,000 home is $2,765, a little lower than the rest of the state. In Gold Lake Estates and the City Center neighborhoods, the rates may be higher due to more crime incidents. To save in these spots, you should invest in home security features like exterior cameras or alarms.

Depending on your credit score, you may also pay more or less for home insurance in Conway, AR. Newer homes could also qualify for discounted rates if they have things like sprinkler systems, fireproof insulation, hard-wired smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors. Additionally, searching for insurance rates on VIU by HUB could help you pinpoint the custom coverage you need without paying for extras.

Home Insurance Policy Explanation

The purpose of home insurance is to provide homeowners with recourse if something happens to the property or their personal property. Mortgage holders are usually required to have home insurance policies, but it's always recommended by financial experts, even if you don't have a mortgage. VIU by HUB provides a breakdown of different policy types for homeowners in Arkansas.

Some homeowners may prefer an HO-3 hazard insurance policy. HO-3 policies offer three coverage options - dwelling, personal property and injury liability. Coverage extends when a covered peril happens, such as thunderstorms, fires, falling objects or thefts. For this type of policy, the limits for reimbursement or replacement are set at market value or lower. Homeowners with expensive items may not benefit.

An upgraded option that gives you more flexibility and additional coverage is an HO-5 policy. Homeowners with expensive items in their houses, such as furs, jewelry, high-end appliances or artwork, could opt for this more expensive home insurance plan. This could also be a good choice for homes that are worth more than $300,000.

Get the Most Out of Your Home Insurance Purchase

When something terrible happens to your home or stuff, you don't want to be left out in the cold. Home insurance in Conway, AR, can be tricky to understand without help from VIU by HUB. This tool opens up the possibility of different plans and helps you compare the pros and cons of each policy.

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