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Purchase Home Insurance in the Wonder State

Fort Smith, Arkansas, is a medium-sized city straddling the border of Arkansas and Oklahoma. The city has 89,992 residents and more than 36,000 households. Fort Smith is also on the Arkansas and Poteau Rivers and has been a center of trade since its early days as a military post for the frontier in 1817. When you need home insurance in Arkansas, you should be aware of the facts about the region that impact your coverage.

Fort Smith's Demographics and Data

For Smith has a 19% poverty rate and a median household income of $48,033. making it mostly middle class. Homes here are increasing in value, with 2021's median home value at $137,800. The homeownership rate for Fort Smith is a solid 51.7% and most people own cars in this area and commute to work. The unemployment rate is 3.8%. comparable to other parts of the country.

The humid subtropical climate zone here doesn't put residents in a worse position for risks and perils related to home insurance in Fort Smith. Hazards in this area that could impact a property and cause an insurance claim are winter weather, cold waves and tornadoes. The proximity to two major rivers also makes this area vulnerable to flooding. Property crime, however, is very high here, with a 1 in 18 chance of experiencing a property crime incident.

Creating Space in Your Budget for Home Insurance

Fort Smith's average home insurance rate for a year is lower than the state average. Residents may pay $2,970 per year for a $300,000 home. This is higher than the national average due to more incidents of crime and frequent tornadoes in Arkansas and neighboring Oklahoma. The top places for property crime in Fort Smith are Hunt Park, Oak Park and South Fort Smith.

If you live in a hotspot for crime in the city or if you are close to the rivers and within the flood zone, your home insurance in the state may be higher than the average rate. Additionally, consumers who have credit problems or older homes without safety features may also pay more. VIU by HUB helps you take advantage of rate discounts and bundling so you can save more on your annual premium.

Home Insurance Coverage Broken Down

Home insurance coverage doesn't look the same for everyone. The most common policy includes three basic types of coverage, such as dwelling protection, personal property coverage and personal liability. These elements can be customized with specific limits depending on the homeowner's preferences and lifestyle. For the most part, the three basic coverage kicks in and provides repair, replacement or rebuilding for the home and personal belongings.

It's essential to read over any home insurance policy to see if you need extras. Comprehensive home insurance may mean you need add-ons to cover flood damage, earthquakes, identity theft or high-end items like jewelry and expensive electronics. VIU by HUB helps you learn about insurance add-ons that may be necessary for your property type and situation.

Protect Your Financial Future

Your home and the things you own inside it may be your largest asset. Home insurance in Fort Smith allows you to protect these valuables and avoid potential financial ruin. VIU by HUB gives you the flexibility to search for the type of home insurance coverage you want. It provides comparison tools and information that allow you to make the best decision for home insurance.

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