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Jonesboro, Arkansas, is a city in the northwest corner of the state and a county seat of Craighhead County. The city has 79,876 residents in over 80 square miles. Nearby are neighboring states Missouri and Tennessee. Arkansas State University is located here, and residents have access to cultural activities, parks, festivals and a thriving downtown area. 

The Realities of Living in Jonesboro

Jonesboro became infamous in the late 1990s when a school shooting took place at a middle school. Poverty is another reason why Jonesboro may be a challenging place to live, with a 20.5% poverty rate that is rising each year. Household income is starting to grow, as 2021 incomes rose 3.91% to $48,901. The median home value also is rising at $169,100 in 2021.

Besides being a site of a devastating school shooting, Jonesboro is also well-known for several destructive tornadoes. The risk of tornado damage to properties is high in this region. Another weather-related risk to property owners is damage due to ice storms, which periodically hit the state during the mild winters. If you live here, you have a 1 in 32 chance of experiencing property crime, which could also be a problem if you are a homeowner.

Pricing Insurance Premiums for Your Home

There are a variety of factors that influence the price of homeowners insurance in Arkansas. Insurance companies consider your zip code and how close you are to areas that experience floods or wildfires. Additionally, your history of making timely payments is also a factor in your yearly price. If your home is new construction or has safety features, such as sprinklers or a security system, that may help you pay less for home insurance in Jonesboro, AR.

When you compare different rates for home insurance with VIU by HUB, you'll see the average rate for Jonesboro is $2,920 per year. This is for a $300,000 home and a customer with good credit. Compared to the rest of the United States, this is high. Within Arkansas, it's reasonable considering the risk of property damage in the state. If you live in Downtown Jonesboro, MacArthur Park or Central Jonesboro, you could pay more because of higher crime rates.

Details About Hazard Insurance for Properties

Homeowners insurance is a type of hazard insurance that protects single-family homes from various perils, such as snow, ice, theft, lightning, fire, thunderstorms, hail and more.

HO-3 Policy

The most common type of home insurance coverage is an HO-3 policy. This type of policy could cover your dwelling, liability and personal belongings. It may have a list of specific events that are covered perils and limit the dollar amount value of specific items. Add-on insurance may help fill in the gaps.

HO-5 Policy

An HO-5 policy is usually purchased if the home has a high value. This policy offers more coverage for the home and belongings and could cover expensive items, such as fine jewelry, artwork, furs and electronics. VIU by HUB can break down the pros and the cons of an HO-5 policy with quotes.

Cover Yourself and Your Biggest Asset

You never know what the future entails, so protecting yourself and your property is your best bet. VIU by HUB is a great tool that gives you the power to compare different insurance companies, coverage limits and pricing. When you need quality home insurance in Jonesboro, AR, you need to be strategic.

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