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Home Insurance for Your Property in the Arkansas River Valley

Hugging the Arkansas River, Pine Bluff is a medium-sized city a short drive south of Arkansas' capital, Little Rock. Pine Bluff has 39,495 residents in a little more than 44 square miles. The city got its name after a devastating flood in the 19th century. Residents took refuge in a bluff away from the mouth of the river, which would later be called Pine Bluff.

Homes and Hazards in Pine Bluff

In 2009, Pine Bluff was named one of the most impoverished cities in the nation. This fact is reflected in the median household income of the area, $36,940, and a 23.8% poverty rate. Poverty is starting to decline, however, and income rates are going up. The median home value for properties in Pine Bluff in 2021 was $78,500. Pine Bluff has solid homeownership rates of 54% and a low cost of living.

Hazards of natural disasters in Pine Bluff aren't too high due to low risks of winter weather, drought and hurricanes. The top risk of living in Pine Bluff is flooding due to the close proximity of the Arkansas River. The Moscow neighborhood sits right on the river and may incur higher insurance premiums due to this risk. Crime is another potential concern for Pine Bluff homeowners who have a 1 in 17 chance of being a property crime victim.

Understanding the Cost of Home Insurance

Home insurance in Pine Bluff, AR, may be more expensive than in other parts of the country. On average someone with a $300,000 home and good credit could pay $3,000 per year for comprehensive property insurance. This is about average for Arkansas but almost double the national average. Arkansas' history of floods and tornadoes may explain the high average annual premiums.

Even within the city of Pine Bluff, residents could see differing rates. Central neighborhoods in the city like Pine Bluff West, City Center and Central Park may have more expensive home insurance because of higher instances of property crime and poverty. People living in these neighborhoods should look to VIU by HUB and comparison shop other insurance companies to find a reasonable rate they can afford.

Home Insurance Information

Insurance is a must-have for homes in Pine Bluff. Even though Arkansas doesn't require home insurance by law, property owners should invest in coverage in case of a weather disaster or theft. Your provider takes into consideration your neighborhood, home's age, value and other details to create a policy that protects this investment.

Standard coverage includes three components - dwelling, personal property and liability. If a covered peril occurs, the policy provides replacement, repair or rebuilding costs for the home and belongings inside. Liability coverage happens when someone gets injured on the property and covers medical and legal fees.

Because Pine Bluff is on a river delta, it may be necessary to purchase an add-on policy for floods. Buried utilities, swimming pool coverage, sewer backups or identity theft plans are also options you may want to think about. VIU by HUB gives you a way to investigate different policies and extras for your specific situation.

Get Personalized Coverage for Your Space

Insurance is something that most people don't think about until the worst happens. VIU by HUB gives you the power to pinpoint what you want for home insurance in Pine Bluff, AR, and learn more about coverage possibilities. This allows you to make a more educated decision and get exactly what your home needs.

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