Home Insurance in Blue Bell, PA

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Choosing the Right Home Insurance in Blue Bell, PA

A quiet area just 18 miles from downtown Philadelphia, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, PA is a close-knit community of just over 6,000 people. The low crime rates, excellent schools, and beautiful history of the suburb make it popular for young, affluent families. With median home prices of about $585,000 and some homes priced upward of nearly $7 million, residents require high-value home insurance in Blue Bell, PA.

What To Expect from a High-Value Home Insurance Policy?

If your home is worth at least $750,000, it is a good idea to seek out high-value home insurance in Blue Bell, PA. These policies include everything that traditional coverage does but offers higher policy limits and additional coverage to help you protect your assets.

Traditional home insurance covers the dwelling and other structures on the property, as well as the items inside, but probably only offers coverage for up to $1 million total and about $1,000 per piece of jewelry. High-value policies provide much higher limits. In addition to covering everything on your property, high-value coverage expands to protect a second home if you have one. It also pays out more in additional living expenses should you need to move temporarily while your home is being repaired, provides higher limits for your jewelry and fine art, and even covers your landscaping.

High-value coverage doesn't stop there, though. Many insurance agencies take it even further by protecting you from fraud or cyber ransom, provides homes inspections and risk consultations, includes deductive waivers, and provides personal liability insurance for those who have household staff members, such as nannies or cleaners.

Keep in mind that even high-value insurance policies may not automatically cover flooding, earthquakes, or some other situations that could arise. Consider purchasing separate policies for these situations and ask your insurance agent if he or she recommends any other types of additional coverage to ensure your protection. 

How To Take an Inventory of Your Home for Your Policy

Before you start the selection process for home insurance in Blue Bell, PA, you'll need to gather a few documents. In addition to mortgage documentation, documentation of any home improvements, and official appraisals of antiques, jewelry, or other high-value items, you should take inventory of your home and include photographs.

Start by grouping your items into a logical category. For most people, the easiest is by room, but others prefer to do is by hobby. Include everything from your furniture and clothes to your jewelry, electronics, and the art on your walls. Remember to document items that are rarely used and could be hiding in the garage, such as sports equipment or tools. 

As you go throughout your home and take inventory, gather copies of any original sales receipts, and keep a note of any model and serial numbers. Photograph or videotape each item and include a brief description of it, such as its age, purchase price, and current value. Finally, keep a copy with you while you shop for insurance, keep one in a safe place online, and keep one in a safe deposit box. 

Once you have an official high-value insurance policy, be sure to take advantage of the professional risk assessment you can receive. This way, you can be sure everything is well-protected and that you didn't miss anything of value while you took inventory. 

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.