Home Insurance in King Of Prussia, PA

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Life in the Kingdom

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, a census-designated place, is widely regarded as an edge city to Philadelphia. Located where major highways such as Interstate 76, US 202 and US 422 converge, KOP is a destination for major retail and office areas. The King of Prussia Mall is the third-largest in the country and major employers such as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Region I, GlaxoSmithKline and Lockheed Martin have major operations in this part of the Keystone State. Approximately 20,000 people call KOP home and when you consider its location and the attractions, you can understand why this is a great kingdom to establish your castle.

Named for a tavern that was named for King Frederick the Great of Prussia, KOP has an important legacy. The King of Prussia Inn was where then-General George Washington visited while the army was stationed at Whitemarsh Township nearby in 1777. Since then, KOP has grown thanks to the proximity of major highways, the mall, a large business park and several housing developments. The boom in this area has contributed to the area being an edge city, where major development occurs outside of the main business district, such as downtown Philadelphia. With median home prices well over $400,000, home insurance in King of Prussia, PA, is a must-have for residential property owners. 

Coverage for Your Castle

KOP is not known for extreme weather, but things like fire, theft and vandalism can result in major damage to your home. If your house and all of its belongings are consumed in a blaze, what options do you have? Not everyone can afford to replace the structure and its contents out of pocket. A policy for home insurance in King of Prussia, PA, can reassure you of protection from financial harm due to the following perils:

  • Destruction by fire, smoke, explosion and certain types of weather events
  • Theft, burglary and vandalism
  • Injuries or illnesses to guests or visitors while on your property

If a thunderstorm were to cause a large tree to fall on your home, it’s good to know that your home insurance in King of Prussia, PA, protects your pockets from major repair or rebuilding costs. Your home is your castle and it’s your duty as a responsible owner to make sure that it’s protected not only through security, but insurance coverage as well.

The Value of Your Home

As you’re planning to shop for home insurance in King of Prussia, PA, you’ll need to decide on the amount of coverage. It’s important for you to understand the type of homeowner’s policy that you have:

  • Actual cash value: This policy tends to be the most affordable. It is based on the original price of your house and its belongings, accounting for depreciation.
  • Replacement cost value: A little more expensive than an ACV policy, this type of home insurance is based on the cost of replacing your property and belonging irrespective of depreciation.
  • Extended replacement cost: This type of policy is the most expensive as it is based on the cost to rebuild, which may be significantly more than the original property value.

The liability limit is the amount of coverage for your home insurance in King of Prussia, PA, and it will be based on one of the policy types listed above. This liability limit must be sufficient enough to help cover your home, especially if your home is financed through a mortgage. As the insured, you’ll pay a premium each month, every 6 months or every year to have home insurance in King of Prussia, PA. If you ever have to file a claim for a covered peril, you’ll be expected to pay a deductible, an amount of money deducted from the total payout from your insurer. The higher your deductible, the lower your premium and vice versa. 

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.