Home Insurance in Newton Township, PA

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Finding the Right Home Insurance To Protect Your Property

With a population of just under 3,000 people and spanning only 22 miles, Newton Township is a small but beautiful area that many families love. It's easy to see why. It's just northwest of Scranton, making it an easy commute for those who work in the area, and there are plenty of things to do nearby for families, including coal mine tours, mini-golf, laser tag, and even a magic show. Young newlyweds and families with young children alike are interested in living in the area. With a median home price of about $650,000, the township offers spacious properties with plenty of land. If you live in the area, you want to protect your home and property the best you can. We want to help you by providing high-quality home insurance in Newton Township.

Home Insurance Saves You Money in the Long Run

Unlike auto insurance, there is no law in Pennsylvania that requires you to carry home insurance. Maybe you're thinking you can save money by skipping it since it's not a requirement. The truth is not having home insurance in Newton Township is likely to cost you more than it saves you. This is especially the case if you have a mortgage. Most home lenders require you to carry a homeowner's policy until you finish paying off the mortgage. If you don't carry one yourself, the lender provides one for you. In many cases, allowing a lender to tack its own insurance policy into your contract means you're paying more for the insurance as a whole but also paying higher interest fees.

Even if you already own your home and don't have a mortgage, not carrying a policy could cost big bucks down the line. Unfortunate things happen at a moment's notice. A tornado, fire, or burglary could leave you needing to replace possessions, repair your home, or even build it from the ground up. Don't catch yourself having to pay out of pocket or take out huge loans. VIU by HUB can sit with you to determine your needs based on your income, your current property's value, and how much coverage you want. We'll work to find something that fits your budget and your lifestyle.

Customized Home Insurance To Fit Your Life

At VIU by HUB, we understand that no single home insurance policy fits every home or lifestyle. This is why we sit with you to discuss your needs. How much did your home cost when you bought it? How much is it worth now? We'll also talk about whether you have fences, detached buildings, or other valuable items outside of the home, as well as what you have inside. Your policy covers furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing, jewelry, and a range of other possessions.

Other factors to consider when creating your policy is whether you'd like to bundle your auto insurance to save money, if you run a business out of your home, whether you own high-value items, and if you employ a nanny, housekeeper, or another type of household employee. Each of these factors and more can help us create home insurance in Newton Township that works for you. We also understand that lives change over time and are glad to sit down with you once a year to discuss those changes and determine whether your policy needs an adjustment to better meet your needs. 


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