Home Insurance in Lancaster, PA

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Answering Your Top Questions About Homeowner's Insurance in Lancaster, PA

If you want to get away from the rush of city life, moving to Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a great way to enjoy the country. Known for its large concentration of Amish residents, Lancaster is one of the oldest cities in the United States, dating back to 1729. As you begin enrolling your kids in McCaskey High School or Lancaster Country Day School, don't forget to sign up for a homeowner's insurance policy from one of our VIU by HUB brokers. Read on for the answers to your top questions about homeowner's insurance in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

What Does Homeowner's Insurance Include?

Homeowner's insurance covers repairs to your house if someone breaks in and damages your walls, windows, or doors. Whether you live on a busy street such as Prince Street or closer to farm country on River Drive, protecting your wallet from these damages is essential.

You also get help paying for damage from wind, rain, and storms. Lancaster gets a lot of snow in the winter, which can overwhelm your roof or make cracks in your concrete patio. Although it does not get as many tornadoes as states that are further west, the town still experiences tornadoes and hurricanes from the Atlantic Ocean. Having homeowner's insurance in Lancaster, Pennsylvania means that you don't need to handle the damage from high winds and falling trees on your own.

Sometimes, you can't live in your home after a break-in or major storm while your construction crew finishes the repairs. When this happens, your insurance company steps in to cover your additional living expenses:

  • Meals and groceries
  • Hotel costs
  • Rental cars
  • Laundromat bills
  • Storage unit rentals
  • Pet care

Whenever these costs exceed what you would normally spend on them, your insurance company makes up the difference until your house is safe again.

Homeowner's insurance plans feature liability coverage, which is similar to the liability coverage you're required to have for your car. If someone gets injured in your house or yard, they can sue you for the damages or medical bills. Rather than handling all the expenses on your own, your insurance provider assumes liability for the injured person's bills.

Finally, homeowner's insurance in Lancaster PA covers the belongings you store in your house. If they're stolen or destroyed in a natural disaster, you can file a claim to have them replaced. Depending on your policy, you may receive the value of the item when it was damaged or the value of a replacement.

What Affects Your Premiums?

How high your premiums are depends on how much of a risk you create for your provider. If you live in a neighborhood with a minimal crime rate, your odds of getting robbed are low, so your premiums are low, too. If your house is big and expensive, it costs more to repair damages, so your premiums are higher. Talk to your insurance broker about ways to lower your premiums, such as boosting your security system or investing in disaster-proof windows and doors.

What Information Do You Need To Apply?

When you attend your first consultation for homeowner's insurance in Lancaster PA, bring your house's address, proof of ownership, and your mortgage details. You should also bring personal information such as your Social Security number, birth date, and driver's license. If you're a co-owner with your spouse or partner, bring his or her information, too.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.