Home Insurance in Hazleton, PA

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Why Do You Need Home Insurance in Hazleton, PA?

Although Hazleton, Pennsylvania is no longer a lumbering or mining town, it's still a hub for industry. The second largest city in Luzerne County, Hazleton is a popular destination for manufacturing professionals and educators at the University of Scranton. If you're moving to the Hazel Swamp, don't forget to purchase home insurance in Hazleton PA from one of our VIU by HUB brokers. That way, you have coverage for the following issues.

Making Your Home Safe After a Break-In

Hazleton is a safe area, with crime rates on par with most American cities of its size. Whether you're living on Chapel Street or Diamond Avenue, though, you can never tell if someone is going to try to steal your belongings. Rather than paying to repair shattered windows, splintered doors, and broken security cameras on your own, your home insurance in Hazleton PA helps you regain your home's safety.

Repairing Your House After a Storm

Hazleton experiences frigid winter temperatures and warm, humid summers, both of which are perfect conditions for severe weather events. It's also close enough to the Atlantic Ocean to experience hurricanes during the summer and fall. These severe storms can cause devastating winds that tear off your shutters, knock trees onto your house, and send debris into your windows. If you keep up with your premiums, your home insurance policy takes care of the damages.

Replacing Your Destroyed or Stolen Valuables 

If tree falls into your house and smashes your TV or a robber breaks into your house and steals your laptop, the cost of replacing your belongings can be prohibitively high. Home insurance in Hazleton PA includes coverage for your belongings, though. Depending on your plan, you may receive actual cash value payments when you make claims, which reflect your belongings' value before you lost them. Another method is replacement value payments, which represent the cost of buying replacements today.

Your premiums may not cover the complete value of pricy items such as musical instruments, precious stones, and high-tech equipment. Talk to your broker about whether taking out separate plans for these items is right for you.

Covering Added Living Costs

There are many reasons why your Hazleton house may become unsafe:

  • Exposure to the elements after storm damage
  • Lack of security after a robbery
  • No access to clean water after a disaster
  • Hazardous environment during damage repairs
  • Infestations of rodents or insects

If you're in any of these situations, your home insurance in Hazleton PA covers your added living costs. Hotel bills, rental cars, and food costs that go beyond your normal expenses fall into this category. Ask your insurance provider whether you need to choose certain hotels or car rentals to stay within your contract's conditions.

Paying Medical Bills for Which You're Liable

Just as you're liable for car accidents that you cause on the road, you're liable for injuries that people sustain on your property. For example, if you have a party and someone gets cut by a rusty nail sticking out of your wall, he or she can bill you for any resulting medical expenses. These bills can get expensive if someone has lasting disabilities or needs physical therapy after an accident on your property. Instead of footing the bill on your own, your home insurance policy includes coverage for these bills, also known as personal liability insurance.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.