Home Insurance in Fullerton, PA

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What Kind of Home Insurance Do You Need in Fullerton, PA?

A quiet and calm suburb of Allentown, Fullerton, Pennsylvania offers quiet streets, good schools, and a comfortable commute to nearby cities. It's no wonder that homes on the market sell fast. If you decide to purchase a home and move your family to the Fullerton area, expect to pay a median price of about $240,000. Naturally, you'll also want to protect your investment by purchasing a comprehensive policy for home insurance Fullerton, PA. 

What Does Home Insurance Cover in Pennsylvania?

Home insurance Fullerton is typically comprehensive, which means that is covers a wide variety of situations that extend beyond just repairing or rebuilding your home after a disaster. It also covers other structures on your property, such as guesthouses, garages, and even the fencing that surrounds it. If the unthinkable happens and you need to live somewhere else while your home is being repaired, your insurance will pay for additional living expenses, such as rent and utilities.

In addition to paying for the structures themselves, your homeowners' policy protects your possessions up to a certain amount, even if they were damaged or stolen while off your property. Personal property coverage includes items like furniture, appliances, and electronics, as well as clothing or outdoor equipment like lawn mowers. However, because it only covers a certain dollar amount, you may need a bigger policy. Consider more coverage if you own expensive jewelry, fine art, or antiques.

Outside of property, a strong home insurance Fullerton policy provides compensation for medical expenses related to someone being injured on your property. Perhaps someone fell down the stairs or a large branch caused someone to trip. These situations are likely covered by your policy. It may also provide coverage for off-the-premise injuries if a pet is involved, such as someone being bitten while you're walking your dog.

Finally, a good policy offers personal liability coverage. This protects you and your assets, as well as the assets of your home's residents up to a certain age, if you are sued and found responsible for damage to someone's property or injury to their body. 

What Other Types of Insurance Are Necessary?

While no homeowners insurance is required in Pennsylvania, your lender probably requires home insurance Fullerton. Keep in mind that not all situations are covered, even under a comprehensive insurance policy. Earthquakes typically aren't covered, especially since they are not often damage-causing in the state. Flooding is not covered, either. If you have old pipes, worry they may freeze in the winter, or live in a low area that is prone to flooding, you'll want to purchase separate insurance. Finally, if something is stolen from your vehicle while it's on the property, your home policy won't cover it; you'll need to talk to your auto insurance provider.

How To Determine How Much Insurance You Need

Your home insurance Fullerton agent can help you determine how much coverage you need, but there are things you can do to help him or her help you. First, bring proof of how much your home is worth and how much any other structures on the property are worth. You'll also need to create a home inventory checklist, which not only determines coverage amount but will be necessary if you need to file a claim. Consider several things when taking your inventory.

  • Create categories, such as by room, to make inventory easier.
  • Include rarely used items, such as tools, sports equipment, or expensive holiday decorations.
  • Photograph your items and provide a description that includes the item's age, original price, and an estimate of the current value.
  • Don't forget to include jewelry, wall art, and anything else that tends to "fade into the background" when you look around.
  • Provide original sales receipts or appraisals if you have them.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.