Home Insurance in Hershey, PA

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Living in Hershey PA

Hershey, Pennsylvania is a wonderful place to live. A small, unincorporated community in Derry Township, The Sweetest Place on Earth is home to The Hershey Company and has a land area of 14.4 square miles and a population of 14,654. The average home price in Hershey is $319,105 with about 50% of residents owning their own home. While the property crime rate in Hershey is only 27.4 (compared to the US average of 35.4), it's still important to protect your property against the possibility of theft. In addition, Hershey's tornado index exceeds the U.S. average, making it even more important to acquire home insurance in Hershey PA.

At VIU by HUB, we recognize the importance of your home to your quality of life, and we want to help you safeguard your investment with affordable, quality home insurance in Hershey PA.

Why You Need Home Insurance in Hershey PA

While homeowner's insurance is not mandated in the state of Pennsylvania, most banks or mortgage lenders require that the home is covered for the amount of the loan. Some home insurance in Hershey PA provides inadquate coverage when there is a complete loss. You should ensure that your policy will provide compensation for the following:

  • Cost of reconstruction in the case of serious damage or destruction of your home
  • Cost of living expenses for you and your family if you are temporarily displaced from your home following a disaster
  • Cost of replacing valuables such as jewelry, art in case of loss, theft, or destruction. Additional coverage is available if the value of your items is higher than a typical homeowner's policy covers.
  • Financial liability if you are sued for property damage or accidental injury on your property. A personal umbrella policy can supplement your liability coverage depending on your situation and needs.

Choosing the Right Policy

Home ownership comes with a number of responsibilities, including making sure your biggest investment is protected against fire, theft, and other dangers. Buying home insurance in Hershey PA requires doing some research before you decide on a policy. It's easy to feel overwhelmed, so follow these tips as you consider your options:

  • Determine how much insurance you actually need. The most important number to consider is the cost to rebuild in case of complete destruction. This should be the base amount of your policy with personal possessions, additional structures, and personal liability costs added on. Don't make the mistake of purchasing just the equivalent of the mortgage loan; your home insurance in Hershey PA should adequately compensate you if the worst case should occur.
  • Pay attention to the details of your policy, including the specific perils that are covered. The type of policy should reflect the type of building that you live in, whether it's a condo, older home, or new construction. Also consider the geography of your area to decide if you need flood or hurricane coverage.
  • Homeowner coverage requires payment of a deductible when a claim is filed. These are typically set at $500 or $1000, but could be higher. A higher deductible usually means a lower monthly payment, but requires a big payout in case of a loss. 
  • Payment of premiums have a couple of options for home buyers. You can pay your premiums annually in one chunk or roll them into your mortgage, raising your monthly mortgage payment but breaking up your insurance payments into smaller pieces.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.