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Safeguard Your Northern Georgia Home With Homeowners Insurance

With a population of just over 67,000, Alpharetta, Georgia is the 12th most populous city in the state. Homeowners insurance in Alpharetta provides financial security and peace of mind to the two-thirds of Alpharetta residents who live in a home they own.

Located just 26 miles north of downtown Atlanta, residents of Alpharetta enjoy all the amenities of living near a major metropolitan area combined with Alpharetta's small-town southern charm. It is easy to understand why most of the town's residents never leave. VIU by HUB can help you find an affordable policy to protect your Alpharetta home.

Reasons You Need Homeowners Insurance in Alpharetta

At an average value of over $469,000, a home is most Alpharetta families' largest investment. Homeowners insurance protects you from financial loss due to weather events, catastrophes and natural disasters.

Alpharetta Weather

Alpharetta averages between 50 and 55 inches of rain per year. Thunderstorms are common in the spring and summer months. Residents can expect to experience stormy weather about 50-60 days per year. Summer storms can damage homes due to high winds, lightning strikes and large hail.

Tornado season occurs from March through May with an average of six days per year with tornadic activity. Though Alpharetta is not located near the coastline, the remnants of hurricanes and tropical storms can spawn tornados and cause damaging winds and flooding.

Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Alpharetta

Multiple factors, including the risk of damage from weather, crime rates and average property values can affect the average cost of insurance in a city. Additionally, individual factors, such as your claims history, credit score and the size of your home affect your rates.

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Alpharetta is $1,592 per year, which is about 12% higher than the state average. Alpharetta's location near a major metropolitan area and higher-than-average median home value contribute to higher average rates in the city.

Fortunately, you can save money on your homeowner's policy by comparing rates with VIU by HUB. Insurance companies have their own criteria for establishing rates and some companies offer discounts that can substantially reduce your total cost.

Protection Provided by Homeowners Insurance in Alpharetta

A standard homeowner's policy protects your home and belongings from common risks due to weather, natural disasters and fire. Some companies also offer additional optional protections that you can purchase to meet your specific needs.

Weather Damage

Damage from wind and lightning is the most common threat to homeowners in Alpharetta. Homeowners insurance provides protection for your roof and other vulnerable areas of your home that high winds, falling trees and lightning strikes may damage.


Faulty wiring, malfunctioning electronics and kitchen accidents cause thousands of house fires every year. Smoke, heat and flames can severely damage or destroy your home. Homeowners insurance ensures that you can rebuild your home and replace your belongings if a fire happens.

Other Risks

In addition to weather and fire, homeowners insurance typically covers losses due to theft, vandalism, explosion and sudden and accidental water damage. Additionally, homeowners insurance provides coverage for personal liability you may have due to injuring another person or damaging their property.


Standard homeowner's policies typically exclude causes of loss, such as flood, earthquake or insect damage. You may be able to purchase additional coverage for these risks by endorsement or on a separate policy. Comparing quotes from multiple companies that offer homeowners insurance in Alpharetta will help you find the perfect policy for your needs.

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