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Sandy Springs is a growing community and one that enjoys a median income of $80,998. well above the national average. It's also a diverse community, with 18.9% of all residents in 2020 having been born outside of the U.S. The city itself reflects both the diversity and success of its residents, which is why it has seen growth from year to year for several years. Home insurance quotes in Sandy Springs take into account both the high home values and low crime rates. You can see this for yourself by comparing quotes with VIU by HUB.

This city was incorporated in 2005, making it an incredibly young municipal government. Even so, the local police department reports steady reductions in crime ever since incorporation. The burglary rate alone is down 35% from the rate before becoming a city. With its growing reputation as a safe city with beautiful and spacious homes, it is no surprise the median home value here was $474,000 in 2020. well above the national median sale price of $391,900 in that year.

Factors That Affect Coverage Costs in Georgia

The average cost for home insurance in Georgia is $1,394 annually for $250,000 of dwelling coverage, with costs that scale proportionally as you increase or decrease that coverage. This makes it significantly less expensive than the national average of $1,428. but an actual policy quote can vary from the average significantly depending on a few things beyond the low local crime rate.

  • Additional coverage for valuables like jewelry, art or electronic equipment
  • Increased coverage for home-based business activities
  • The condition of the property and its geographic features
  • The age of the property

The biggest extreme weather risk in Georgia is the hurricane and tropical storm season. Luckily, Sandy Springs is inland, near Atlanta, which means while there are regular heavy rains and high winds, the distance from shore significantly weakens storm systems before they arrive. GEMA also notes that Georgia is a geographically quiet place, with little to no earthquake activity in any given year. Inland, the risk of tornadoes is a little above the national average, though, and that is something your home insurance should take into account.

Residents shopping for home insurance in Sandy Springs will find that the local cost is above the state average because of high home values but still below the cost of similarly valued homes in areas of the state with higher crime rates.

Building Your Home Insurance Policy in Sandy Springs

Your home insurance policy has a lot of room for customization, which is good to keep in mind if you have a large property, outbuildings, or additional unconventional property developments. Features like swimming pools are well-known to have an impact on home policy costs, but on-site tennis courts, saunas and hot tubs can also affect your cost.

In addition to those considerations, you also need to review the available coverage for valuables and assets stored on your property. While titled assets like vehicles are usually protected under their own policies, artwork and expensive decor are not. Those items need to be protected with additional coverage for valuable assets just as your jewelry and expensive equipment.

Shop for the Coverage You Need

Insurance carriers can vary widely when quoting costs for these additional features because each one's actuarial calculations are unique. That's why it is important to compare as many options as you can with VIU by HUB whenever you get quotes on home insurance in Sandy Springs. Give it a try.

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