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Join over 202,000 other residents in proudly calling Columbus, Georgia, home. From the buzz of the Coca-Cola Space Science Center and other riverside attractions to the peace and quiet of your residential street, it's no wonder that Explore Georgia named it one of the locations for the Best Trips of the Year.

Whether you've just moved into a charming waterfront property in Green Island Hills or are looking for lower rates on your upbeat, uptown condo, you deserve competitive coverage. Find rates that help you relax as you beat the heat in the hot, muggy summers of Columbus or enjoy a brisk walk along the Chattahoochee River in the fall.

Finding Home Insurance in Columbus

Columbus, Georgia, enjoys temperatures ranging from highs of 91 degrees in the summer to lows of 38 degrees in the winter, according to Weather Spark. While many residents are unlikely to experience major weather-related issues, approximately 16% of all Columbus properties have more than a 26% chance of experiencing a severe flooding event over the next 30 years. Thousands of other residents may experience fires, water damage and other issues that may be covered by insurance. Find out what your Columbus home insurance covers, and compare VIU by HUB rates to protect your investment.

Average Premiums for Home Insurance in Columbus

Are you paying too much for your home insurance? In Columbus, Georgia, homeowners pay an average of $2,064 per year, which is slightly less than the state average of approximately $2,298 annually and the national average of $2,417 annually. While the average rates are lower in Georgia than in many other states, you may still be paying more than necessary for your current insurance policy. Comparing quotes from multiple insurance providers helps you find the most competitive rates for your home.

Options for Columbus Home Insurance

The specific incidents, property and property values covered by your insurance can vary, so be sure to review your homeowner's insurance policy carefully. Homeowner's insurance in Georgia typically covers the following areas:

  • Damage to property, which often includes detached buildings, as well as your home
  • Personal belongings and contents
  • Personal liability for cases where there is an injury or damage to someone else's property
  • Cost of temporary housing if your home is unlivable

Not every policy covers natural disasters, but your home in Columbus may be at risk of flooding or other disasters. Compare policy features and review your specific location in Columbus to see if this is an area of coverage you may wish to add. Columbus home insurance policy features vary between providers, so it's important to explore not only the type of coverage but also the liability limits and deductibles of your chosen policy.

Risks That Affect Owning a Home in Columbus

Columbus' residential streets greet visitors and homeowners with a beautiful blend of classic Victorian homes, relaxed bungalows and spacious condos. Because of the broad range of home styles, ages and features, home insurance rates can vary considerably. Here are just a few risks that are associated with owning a home in Columbus:

  • Approximately 16% of properties may experience severe flooding over the next 30 years
  • Over 90% of properties are at risk of severe wind within the next 30 years
  • In the next 30 years, about 46% of properties are at risk of a wildfire-related incident

These risks, and other factors, may increase your home insurance rates. For example, if your home inspection brought up any questionable issues, or if you have your own outdoor pool, then your rates may be higher than a comparable home without these issues or safety features. Because of these property-by-property differences, it's essential to compare policies for your specific home before turning to a reliable, affordable insurance provider.

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