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Protecting Your Home in the Capital With Insurance

Atlanta is the capital of the Peach State, and the countdown every New Year's to the drop of the giant peach is an annual reminder of living in Georgia. For 44% of city residents who own a home in the bustling city, Atlanta is the perfect blend of Southern culture and modern amenities. These residents protect their lifestyle with home insurance in Atlanta, and VIU by HUB can get you a quote on a comprehensive policy to address your biggest risks.

The Need for Home Insurance in Atlanta, GA

Living in Atlanta brings access to world-class entertainment at the Fox Theatre, professional sporting events with the Braves and fine dining at renowned establishments like the La Grotta Ristorante. In order to enjoy these activities, homeowners need peace of mind that unexpected events won't devastate their finances.

In Atlanta, crime rates can be a concern, as the city has higher rates than the national average. The property crime rate is 1889.1 in approximately 10,000 people. You could lose your belongings to acts of theft or vandalism.

Severe weather can strike the city as well. Thunderstorms, large hail, severe wind and tornadoes strike throughout the area each year. With a median property value of $314,000, residents face expensive repairs or relocation costs without insurance. Home insurance is a safety net that can help when your house is damaged or your possessions are lost by these unplanned events.

The Affordability of Home Insurance in Atlanta, GA

The cost of home insurance depends on several factors, some of which you can control. While where you choose to live plays a major role due to local crime rates, the cost of properties, your credit score, the amount of coverage you purchase and the size of your home also impact your rates. The average rate for home insurance in the city is $2,080 a year, and this comes in about 14% higher than the national average of $1,820.

Living in a busy city is one reason insurance rates are higher in Atlanta. If you are looking to save money on home insurance, VIU by HUB is a convenient and efficient way of comparing rates from a number of providers across the city. Different providers offer discounts that can help lower your annual premiums. Given the risks you face living in the city, investing in home insurance is necessary.

The Risks Covered by Home Insurance in Atlanta, GA

A homeowner's policy addresses the risks that could damage your home or belongings. The most common risks of living in the city are generally a part of a standard protective policy.

Weather Damage

Though it's away from the coast and apparent weather threats, it's not uncommon for strong storms to move through the city. Strong winds can bring down power poles or trees, causing significant damage to your home.


Household fires can start for a number of reasons, and turning your back in the kitchen for just a minute could see your home go up in flames. Old wiring and space heaters are common fire starters in the city as well. Although smoke detectors are important prevention tools, insurance is another resource against total loss.

Covered perils under standard insurance policies are typically fire, theft, vandalism, weather damage and non-flood-related water damage. It also covers your legal liability if someone is injured on your property. Purchasing an add-on coverage with your home insurance in Atlanta will provide more protection for high-value hobby or collector items, jewelry and flood damage.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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