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Cover Your Home in Athens and Everything Inside It

Athens, Georgia, is a beautiful city in an area where you will hardly see snow. Along with a local economy heavily influenced by the local university and the student population it brings for nine months of the year, it also has a growing season that spans nine months of the year. This helps residents develop beautiful backyard gardens, and VIU by HUB helps them find the Athens home insurance they need to protect it all.

Local Climate Conditions and Risks

The city and surrounding area enjoy a lower rate of tornadoes than the state average by 10%. although it is still a little above the national average. Tornadoes and wildfires during the local dry season are the main extreme weather risks for homeowners in the area. Luckily, the high humidity and annual precipitation in the area keep down the number of days with elevated fire risks annually, which limits the effect that risk has on Athens home insurance prices.

The driest month is October, but even that has a 19% average daily chance of rainfall. There is some risk of floods in Athens, typically related to heavy rainfall from tropical storms and hurricanes moving inland. Those events are rare, however, with only 154 reports from homeowners and businesses during the entire period from 1950 to 2010. There are steps you can take to make a home more resilient when those storms hit, too.

Home Insurance Coverage That Fits Athens

The University of Georgia brings a lot of life to the city. Its student population creates the demand for a vibrant local nightlife, and between the Bulldogs and the cultural events, the university plays a major role in the community, too. Big events bring a lot of traffic from out of town, which is why residents need Athens home insurance coverage that reflects those additional risks.

While violent crime is lower than the national average in the area, property crime is significantly higher. This is common for university towns and other areas with a lot of dense, temporary housing, but your insurance needs to reflect the risks and protect the assets in your home alongside the home itself. That includes additional protection when needed for items like jewelry and high-cost electronics.

A complete home insurance package for the area in and around Athens, Georgia, needs to take all of these elevated local risks into account alongside the standard risks that apply to all homeowners:

  • Theft
  • Property crime like vandalism
  • Hurricane and tornado damage

Repair costs can be expensive for homeowners who do not have enough Athens home insurance coverage. The average property cost might be lower than the national average at just $211,500. but rain and wind damage can cost a significant chunk of the home's value to repair.

Athens, Georgia Insurance Costs and Considerations

The average cost of homeowner's insurance in Georgia is less than the national average of $1,428 for a property with a dwelling coverage value of $250,000. There are additional considerations that affect the cost of insurance beyond location and home value, though:

  • Age and condition of the home
  • Safety features that reduce risk
  • Insurance carrier
  • Homeowner credit rating
  • Current costs for labor and materials

To get the best rate, homeowners need to be able to compare quotes on Athens home insurance from a variety of carriers to see who is offering the best deal today. VIU by HUB powers that comparison by letting you submit your information only once to see quotes from a range of local insurers. Start your search today.

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