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As a suburb of Atlanta, Smyrna provides the nearby convenience of big city services while delivering some of the quiet of a smaller community. This combination makes Smyrna a desirable place to own a home. Real estate values reflect this with a median home value of $480,000. higher than most places in the state and the nation. Residents can protect the value of this significant investment with Smyrna home insurance, and VIU by HUB provides shoppers with quotes on a comprehensive policy.

The Need for Smyrna Home Insurance

There are always fun and exciting things to do in and around Smyrna. Using your home as a base for exploration, you can head out on a Stone Mountain Park sightseeing tour or drive into the big city of Atlanta to visit the famous Georgia Aquarium. No matter what activity you choose, keeping your home safe and sound with Smyrna home insurance will always remain a high priority.

Though the climate in this part of Georgia has many fine days, homeowners should also be on the lookout for hazardous weather. In 2022, a severe winter storm impacted northern and central Georgia, causing widespread damage to homes, and in August 2021 the remnants of Tropical Storm Fred resulted in serious property damage. Tornadoes also impact the area from time to time.

The crime rate of Smyrna also remains a concern for homeowners, with a rate higher than the national average in several categories. Property crimes in the area affect 2,537 residents out of 100,000, considerably higher than the national average of 2,200 per 100,000 residents. Home insurance provides solid protection against theft and vandalism.

The Cost of Smyrna Home Insurance

Home insurance costs depend upon several factors, some of which you can control. Things such as your credit score, the value of your home, the construction materials and the frequency of extreme weather all play a role in your premiums. Where you live also has an impact on insurance rates. In Georgia, home insurance rates come in a bit higher than the national average of $2,724 yearly.

The higher-than-average median home prices and the potential for severe weather increase the insurance cost in Smyrna. VIU by HUB offers a convenient way to compare rates from several insurance providers to find the best prices. This is a great way to look into discounts and manage the perils of home ownership with an affordable policy.

The Perils Covered by Smyrna Home Insurance

A standard policy protects your home from the most likely perils you face. However, some items are not covered and will require a rider or an additional policy.


Household fires happen for many reasons and are one of the leading causes of home damage reported to insurance. They can start due to bad wiring, cooking errors, smoking in the home and outside influences and quickly destroy your home's integrity. Fires are typically covered by standard home insurance coverage.

Theft and Vandalism

Criminals can steal valuable items from your home and break down doors and windows. Standard policies provide coverage for such losses and expenses.

Extreme Weather

High winds, torrential rains, tornadoes and other extreme weather events can put your home at risk. Each year, extreme weather impacts regions of Georgia and causes thousands of dollars in property damage. Most policies may not cover flooding from severe weather. It is necessary to evaluate your Smyrna home insurance policy and add this coverage if it is not included.

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