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Clinton, MI, is a quiet area located about 35 minutes from downtown Detroit. With an affordable cost of living, this community of 100,000 delivers excellent value for your money. It allows you to commute to work in nearby Mount Clemens or Detroit while enjoying a home with plenty of outdoor space. VIU by HUB can help you save money with your car insurance in Clinton, too.

Reach Your Destination Safely

When many people think about car insurance, they only see how much it costs every month. If you commute every day, having good car insurance can provide benefits that more than make up for the cost. In Clinton, over 80% of workers commute to work by car. Only 1% use public transportation.

The average commute time is 30 minutes. Highways 97, 3 and 59 are close to Clinton, and reaching I-94 only takes about 10 minutes. These transportation options make it easier to reach Detroit, Warren, Utica and other cities with many manufacturing jobs. At the same time, commuting regularly to work on Detroit's crowded roads makes car accidents more likely.

Avoid Car Crashes and Distracted Drivers

In 2020, there were over 1,500 car accidents in Clinton alone. About 370 of those crashes caused injuries. The surrounding area of Macomb County had nearly 18,000 crashes and almost 4,000 injury-causing accidents. That translates to about 350 car accidents and 75 injuries every week.

Why do so many car crashes occur in Clinton and the surrounding area? Distracted driving is a significant contributor. When other drivers aren't paying attention to the road, they can run into you without warning. Many accidents in Clinton involve:

  • Rear-end crashes
  • Impacts from an angle
  • Sideswipes
  • Speeding

It's devastating when you're following the law and someone else provokes a serious accident that hurts you, damages your vehicle and causes you countless medical expenses. That's why having good insurance in Clinton is so important.

Stay Alert to Dangerous Road Conditions

A surprising number of car accidents in Clinton involve single-vehicle crashes. This happens when a vehicle crashes into:

  • Light posts
  • Highway barriers
  • Trees
  • Buildings
  • Signs
  • Animals

Some of these accidents happen during the day, but many occur at night. They're also more common when weather conditions make visibility poor.

Snow, ice and rain can also cause you to lose control with little warning. Clinton gets about 38 inches of snow a year, more than the U.S. average. Local drivers have to deal with freezing weather for more than five months.

Protect Your Finances With the Right Car Insurance

Car insurance in Clinton costs about $150 a month, or $1,800 a year. Your monthly premiums can vary significantly, however, based on factors such as your age, driving record, credit score and vehicle. In general, trucks and SUVs enjoy lower insurance rates than smaller cars.

On the whole, insurance rates in Clinton and Macomb County are higher than in other places in the United States. Residents must have personal injury protection and uninsured motorist coverage, which raises rates but also keeps you safer on the road.

Basic coverage costs less than full coverage, but that doesn't mean you should automatically choose it as a way to save money. Considering the high cost of medical treatment in Michigan hospitals, you need to make sure your personal injury protection realistically covers the risks of a car accident. VIU by HUB makes it easy to compare trustworthy options for car insurance in Clinton.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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