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As Michigan's capital and sixth-largest city, Lansing serves as a cultural, industrial, educational, and economic hub. It has a population of nearly 115,000. multiple universities and several large healthcare and automotive employers. With so much to explore, it's important to ensure you have comprehensive car insurance in Lansing, MI.

The cost of living in the city is more than 22% below the national average according to Sperling's Best Places. Lansing also displays positive job growth. These factors mean you may have a bigger budget for the car of your dreams. VIU by HUB lets you compare rates so you can find an affordable policy that covers all the bases.

The Need for Car Insurance in Lansing, MI

Auto accidents are on the rise across the state. A 2023 report from the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning indicated a 4% increase in crashes from 2021 to 2022 for a total of more than 293,000 crashes. In addition, 1,123 people died in Michigan auto accidents in 2022 alone. These sobering statistics underscore the need for a strong auto insurance policy that protects your financial interests in a crash.

Lansing also has a higher crime rate than other cities of similar size, according to US News and World Report. While this includes a lower-than-average rate of property crimes, your vehicle may still risk theft and vandalism. You can find comprehensive coverage for these concerning issues at affordable rates by comparing quotes on VIU by HUB.

Cost of Auto Insurance in Lansing, MI

Michigan auto insurance rates are among the nation's most expensive. Car and Driver reports that the average Lansing driver pays $2,901 for an annual auto insurance policy, nearly double the US average of $1,548 per year. However, you'll save a bit compared to the average state premium of $3,096.

Those who live in some cities spend more than others on auto insurance. Factors include crime rate, vandalism and traffic congestion. Premiums even vary from one Lansing zip code to the next depending on the population density and frequency of accidents at certain roads and intersections. Checking quotes from multiple providers can ensure you get the best rates even if you live or work in a high-cost ZIP code.

Michigan Auto Insurance Coverage Requirements

Michigan has some of the highest minimum coverage requirements in the nation for auto insurance, which is one of the reasons it tends to be so expensive. Drivers must have:

  • $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident for liability for bodily injury
  • $10,000 per accident for liability for property damage
  • Property protection insurance, which pays up to $1 million in damages
  • Personal injury protection, which pays for unlimited medical care and up to three years of lost wages

You may also want to add comprehensive and collision insurance to your car insurance in Lansing, MI. Collision policies pay for damage to your car in an auto accident. Comprehensive policies cover damage caused by other incidents like severe weather, theft or vandalism.

No matter what type of coverage you need for your auto, shopping around can help you find affordable rates. Car insurance in Lansing, MI varies in price by provider, so check out quotes from more than one company before you decide.

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