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Living in Warren offers many business opportunities and easy access to downtown Detroit, Michigan. Many local residents work in the automotive manufacturing industry or other industrial jobs. Several main highways pass through Warren, including I-696, 8 Mile Road (M-102) and Van Dyke Avenue (M-53). These roads make it easy to get around, but they also make car insurance in Warren, MI, a must.

Public transportation isn't very accessible for local families, so the vast majority of drivers take a car to work. Over 80% drive alone and about 10% carpool. The average commute is 25 minutes, which means that workers often travel outside of Warren for work. Detroit's high-speed roadways and considerable traffic increase the risk of car accidents, so you need good insurance to have your back.

Stay Safe on the Road

In 2020, there were 3,300 car accidents in Warren, MI, and many more crashes in surrounding Macomb County. About 700 of those accidents (over 20%) caused injuries, and eight were fatal. These statistics mean that you always need to be alert on the road, and you need to invest in good car insurance in Warren, MI.

Weather conditions play a part in crashes, but the majority occur on normal days with dry roads. This suggests that other drivers are responsible for many accidents:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Improper turns
  • Aggressive driving habits

The majority of vehicle crashes in Warren involve rear-end collisions. This can happen when a driver in front of you on the highway slams on the brakes unexpectedly. Rear-end crashes can also happen when you're stopped at an intersection if the driver behind you isn't paying attention.

Find Smart Ways To Save Money on Car Insurance in Warren

The average cost for full coverage in Warren is $4,500 a year. This is far more than other U.S. states, and slightly more expensive than the Michigan average. According to Car and Driver, this situation is normal in Michigan, where drivers can expect to pay as much as 85% more than in other states.

Several factors affect the price of car insurance in Warren, MI:

  • Personal injury protection: The state of Michigan requires all drivers to carry PIP for medical costs.
  • No-fault insurance: The easy claims process with no-fault coverage contributes to insurance fraud.
  • Fraudulent lawsuits: Some drivers file fraudulent lawsuits related to personal injury claims, leading to higher premiums for everyday drivers.

Looking for ways to save money is a good thing. Cutting your auto insurance isn't. Dependable car insurance is essential for families.

A better alternative is to use VIU by HUB to compare options for car insurance in Warren, MI. You can reduce coverage that you don't need and focus more on the areas of protection you do want.

Prepare for Road Hazards With Dependable Insurance Coverage

Even though car insurance is a requirement in Warren, Detroit and other parts of Michigan, not everyone follows the rules. As many as 20% of drivers in Michigan don't have any car insurance. That means you can't always depend on the other person to cover your bills in a car accident. You need to make sure your own car insurance coverage is enough for your needs (and other people in your family who drive).

Considering how expensive medical care can be after a crash, it pays to carry plenty of personal injury coverage. Collision insurance, electronics coverage and comprehensive coverage for theft are also valuable types of car insurance for Warren, MI. See the available options with VIU by HUB right away.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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