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A City With Beautiful Natural Backdrops ” And Car Accident Risks

Westland, MI, is a beautiful Detroit suburb that has more in common with small-town living than big-city problems. This city of 85,000 offers relaxing nature trails, numerous parks and plenty of fun for families, from the William P. Holliday Forest & Wildlife Preserve to Hines Park. Local families can even spot wildlife around town, including foxes, deer and hummingbirds. For work and play, residents depend on their vehicles, so it's important to have good car insurance in Westland.

Concerning Car Accident Statistics

With so much outdoor scenery available around Westland, it's easy to forget about the potential dangers. In just the city of Westland, there were over 1,200 car crashes in 2021, or the equivalent of three accidents a day. More than 225 collisions caused injuries.

Surrounding Roads

Crash statistics for the area around Westland are even more worrisome, with about 44,000 accidents in 2021. There were more than 10,000 injuries in that time. Local drivers need to ensure that their personal injury protection can fully cover the costs of good medical care and therapy after an accident.

Wildlife Dangers

The outdoors makes for exciting adventures, but it also increases the risk of car accidents on the highway. In the area surrounding Westland, there were over 450 vehicle collisions with deer and 100 crashes involving other animals. Especially when driving at night, it can be hard to notice wildlife until it's too late to avoid an accident.

Weather Risks

Westland gets 42 inches of snow every year, much more than the U.S. average. There are over 130 days with freezing temps in the region. Heavy snowfall, poor visibility, icy roads and other winter weather dangers are a recipe for disaster.

Sometimes, icy roads lead to single-vehicle crashes, such as sliding into a ditch, building or tree. They can also cause drivers to lose control and rear-end cars ahead. Even the best drivers can't predict how other vehicles will react at intersections in winter.

High-Quality Car Insurance for Westland Families

Some people in Westland use Michigan's SMART bus system to get around town or visit destinations in Detroit, but not very many. When it comes to commuting to work, fewer than 1% of workers rely on public transportation. Over 80% drive to work alone, and about 8% carpool regularly.

The average commute time in Westland is 25 minutes. Over 40% of local families own two vehicles, and another 20% own three or more. Whether shopping, commuting, going to the gym or having fun, Westland residents like to drive.

Car insurance in Westland isn't a luxury; it should be a top priority. Being prepared means investing in dependable auto insurance with enough coverage for medical costs, liability and vehicle repairs.

VIU by HUB Helps Families Compare Auto Insurance

The average cost for Westland car insurance is about $230 a month or $2,800 a year. Car insurance policies in Michigan can vary widely, sometimes by several thousand dollars a year. Some drivers pay over $6,500 for full coverage.

VIU by HUB makes it easy to compare different coverage options and insurers. This can help families find policies that are a better fit for their budgets and needs. In addition to PIP and uninsured motorist protection, car insurance in Westland may offer collision coverage (for vehicle repairs) and comprehensive coverage (for theft or weather-related damage).

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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