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Why Is Troy Car Insurance Important for Your Family?

Living in Troy is a dream come true for families. With many opportunities for work, shopping destinations like the 1.4 million-square-foot, The Somerset Collection, and 1,000 acres of parks and lakes, this Detroit suburb offers a great life. You deserve to enjoy it with the people you love, which is why trustworthy car insurance in Troy, MI, makes such a big difference. Good coverage helps you feel safe on the road and prepared for the unexpected.

Things To Do and See

Besides shopping at the famous Somerset Collection or the Oakland Mall, you can also have fun at the Troy Community Center's complete gym and fitness options. Kids and adults love the Troy Family Aquatic Center, with its tube and water slides, sand volleyball courts and other relaxing attractions. With so many amenities, it's not surprising that Troy has won awards in the past as the best place to live in Michigan.

A Prime Location for Commuting

Troy has many major automotive manufacturing businesses nearby, including:

  • Magna International
  • J. D. Power and Associates
  • DuPont Automotive
  • HTC Global Services
  • Inteva Products

Additionally, with the city's location just 20 minutes north of downtown Detroit, reaching work is relatively easy no matter the industry. The average commute for households in Troy is about 25 minutes.

The majority of local workers (over 85%) drive alone to work, five or six times a week, 52 weeks a year. Others carpool. Fewer than 1% use public transportation. These statistics show why car insurance should be a major priority for families in Troy.

How Common Are Car Accidents in Troy, MI?

While Troy is a safe place to live, car accidents can happen anywhere. In 2020, there were over 1,800 crashes in the city of Troy alone. That equals 35 accidents a week. These numbers don't include crashes that happen on Detroit's busy highways on the way to work.

About one-fifth of those crashes (325) caused injuries. Having to repair a vehicle can throw a wrench in your plans, but going to the emergency room is far more serious. One of the reasons to choose good car insurance in Troy is to make sure your family has enough coverage for medical costs after an accident.

Why Is Michigan Auto Insurance Expensive and How Can You Get Better Rates in Troy?

On average, Michigan car insurance is more expensive than other areas of the U.S., but it also provides more: Personal injury protection and uninsured motorist coverage are mandatory. These are add-ons in other parts of the country.

How much should you expect to pay for high-quality auto insurance? The average cost of car insurance in Troy, MI, is $130 a month, or just over $1,500 a year. This is comparable with other cities in Michigan.

Factors such as your driving habits, credit rating, age and vehicle can affect your premiums. With VIU by HUB, it's easy to see exactly what different policies offer so you get excellent value for the price.

What Type of Auto Coverage Should You Focus On?

PIP and uninsured motorists are part of Troy auto insurance, but you determine the level of coverage. If you have a new driver in the family, it may be worth investing in more coverage in the event of an accident. Getting comprehensive coverage for theft and electronics insurance is also a smart move in Troy and other parts of Detroit. Compare car insurance in Troy, MI, right away with VIU by HUB.

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