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See the Sights, but Stay Safe

Macomb is a bustling area in Michigan with a population of almost 900,000 people. If there's one thing that stands out about living in Macomb, it's the abundance of wide open spaces. With 130 parks and 12,000 acres of natural backdrops to explore, this county has a lot to love. Unfortunately, there are also many car accidents in the area, so good car insurance in Macomb is still a necessity.

Your Family's Daily Commute

If you drive to work, you're not alone. Almost 90% of workers in Macomb use their own vehicle to commute. Fewer than 1% use public transportation and only about 7% carpool. Not surprisingly, the majority of families in Macomb own at least two cars, often three. If multiple members of your family work outside the home, it's essential to choose high-quality coverage for their vehicles. You can't be everywhere at once, so dependable car insurance in Macomb is the only way to prepare for unexpected car crashes.

Parks, Farms and Shorelines

Bordering gorgeous Lake St. Clair, Macomb also has plenty of lakes and shores to visit. The region offers 92 square miles of water for swimming, boating and relaxation as a family. Some of your family's favorite nature spots probably include the majestic Macomb Orchard Trail, Stony Creek Metropark and Freedom Hill County Park. With over 30 miles of shorelines to choose from, there's never a boring moment in this area.

In contrast to many suburbs near Detroit, Macomb also has vibrant farms and farmland. If you prefer country living, you can take in the open air and still be within commuting distance of Detroit. With good car insurance for your family's vehicles, you can stay safe on the road for work and play.

Prepare for the Reality of Car Accidents in Macomb

It seems strange with so much beautiful nature nearby, but Macomb sees a huge number of car crashes every year. Consider a few attention-grabbing statistics from 2020:

  • Total car accidents in Macomb: 18,000
  • Crash injuries: 3,800
  • Alcohol-related accidents: 600
  • Accidents on city streets and county roads: 11,000
  • Highway crashes: 4,800
  • Interstate crashes: 1,700

This startling number of car accidents equals almost 50 a day or two crashes every hour. Even more surprising is where the accidents happen: mostly on smaller roads, not on the interstate.

Costs of Car Insurance in Macomb

Macomb auto insurance coverage is usually less expensive than policies for Detroit or other urban areas of Michigan. The average cost for full coverage is about $150-$200 a month.

Types of Car Accidents

The majority of crashes in Macomb are rear-end collisions. Distracted drivers can slam into your vehicle at an intersection if they're distracted or if the road surface is icy. Side impacts are common also, likely related to vehicles trying to run red lights.

About 2,800 car accidents each year involve only one car. These are often related to snow, ice, rain or poor visibility, with vehicles sliding off the road and impacting trees or posts. If you drive home in the evening, you also have to be aware of deer and other animals.

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