Home Insurance in Allen, TX

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The Best Home Insurance to Meet Your Needs

Regardless of how you saved to purchase your first home, one thing is certain: you need to do your best to protect your investment. That means you need the best home insurance in Allen TX that you can find.

Consider What You Need to Protect

Before you begin shopping for quotes for home insurance in Allen TX, it is important to consider what you need to protect. Naturally, you want to ensure your home is paid for if it sustains damage or is destroyed in a fire or due to another natural disaster. What you might not realize is that a basic homeowners insurance policy only covers the house itself. This means you need to think about what else you want to protect and ensure your policy package covers it all.

Start with the rest of your property. Does your home have a privacy fence, garage, store shed, or outdoor pool? These items may or may not be covered in a basic policy, which means you'll need to be sure to disclose them to your agency. Think about what you have inside your home as well. Basic coverage pays for most furniture and clothing but may not cover fine art, expensive jewelry, or high-end electronics. Determine whether you need additional coverage before signing an insurance contract.

Finally, think about whether you do business out of your home. If you have staff to help you with cleaning, cooking, or child-rearing, you may need business liability coverage. Additionally, your home insurance in Allen TX will not cover your inventory if you run your own business out of your home, so be sure to add an additional policy. 

Choose the Best Home Insurance Option for You

Typical home insurance in Allen TX covers six different areas. Dwelling coverage pays for the home itself, personal property coverage pays for furniture and clothing, and other structures cover the outbuildings. Your policy may also pay for loss of use, personal liability, and medical bills. However, each of these insurance policies only covers certain situations. For example, home insurance pays for fire or lightning damage but not flood damage; it pays if there is an explosion but not if termites or other pests ruin your home's foundation. This means you need to understand what other options are available to you.

  • Flood Insurance —If your home is in a flood zone, or if you simply worry a pipe will burst, it is important to have flood insurance. Your lender may even require it. It may also require you to purchase additional coverage for hail or windstorm damage.
  • Expensive Items Add-On —If you have expensive jewelry, fine art, family heirlooms, or antiques in your home, you'll need to purchase additional coverage for them.
  • Construction Add-On —If your home doesn't meet local building codes, an insurance add-on may cover the construction costs at least partially.
  • Mold Removal —Your basic policy won't cover damage related to mold nor will it cover the removal of it, which can become quite expensive. It's a good idea to have this policy in place, especially if you worry about potential flooding.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.