Home Insurance in Dallas, TX

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Your Dallas, Texas, (TX) Home Insurance Policy

As one of the most diverse cities in the nation, Dallas, Texas, (TX) has well over a million residents. Though the winters are mild, Dallas has its share of weather risks, with heavy rains, hot temperatures and windstorms that are common. While the law doesn’t require home insurance, your mortgage company might. As a homeowner, you need to protect your home and family with Dallas home insurance options that really count.

Common Risks Known to Dallas Homeowners

Dallas, TX is exposed to some serious natural catastrophes on a regular basis, making it a high-risk place to live. It’s important your Dallas home insurance policy insures your home at or above what it would cost to replace. You’ll also need enhanced protection to ensure all the gaps are filled in. Some common risks known to the area include:

  • Tornadoes – In 2019, Texas led the nation in tornado count with 140 during the year. In just a few days, Dallas confirmed 10 of those. While this doesn’t always happen, Dallas does typically see at least three or four tornadoes every year. It would be wise to have insurance protection against tornadoes.
  • Hail – Spring always tends to bring a few hailstorms to Dallas. They are often quite severe, requiring proper insurance coverage to protect you against damages.
  • Floods – Typical Dallas home insurance policies don’t cover flooding, so you’ll need to speak with an agent about getting this added. Dallas, TX is quite vulnerable to floods, with heavy rains that will last for days.
  • Wind – The weather patterns are always changing in D-Town, with wind gusts that can happen without warning. Especially during winter and spring, your home could sustain significant damage due to the wind.
  • Hurricanes – While hurricanes aren’t typically still live by the time they reach Dallas, they are severe storms at that point, and can cause serious damage. Hurricane remnants should be protected against.
  • Fire – Texas is no stranger to wildfires, but even the urban area of Dallas can get hit by fire. Whether from a lightning strike or an accident, your home needs coverage.
  • Theft – Unfortunately, Dallas has a significantly high crime rate, with the burglary crime rate higher than the national average. Robbery and motor vehicle theft are also quite high, both ranking over double the national average. Adding coverage for theft to your Dallas, TX home insurance policy would be essential.

Home Insurance Policies to Become Familiar With

As you look for the right Dallas, TX home insurance policy, realize there are a lot of ways to tailor a policy to the unique needs you have as a homeowner. At VIU by HUB, we do all we can to understand your needs and find the right protection for the risks you face. Some common insurance policies we can discuss include:

  • No Frills – This policy offers you the most basic coverage, but often won’t meet the standards of underwriting.
  • Basic or Named Perils – Specific perils are named in this policy, and your home and personal property are covered just for those perils.
  • Comprehensive – Most perils and losses are included in this policy that covers the structure of your home and all contents within it. Exclusions are named in the policy so there’s never any confusion.
  • Broad – A broad Dallas, TX home insurance policy takes both a basic and comprehensive approach. Perils must be specifically named for personal property protection, but the structure of your home is fully covered unless there are certain exclusions named.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.