Home Insurance in Fort Worth, TX

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Home Insurance in Fort Worth, Texas, (TX)

Fort Worth, Texas, (TX) is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Its population has more than doubled since 1990. This has helped add some weight to the battle for supremacy between it and Dallas.

With this explosion in growth, it becomes even more important to find the right Fort Worth, TX home insurance policy. While not a legal requirement, home insurance can help protect you when unexpected damage occurs, as well as give you peace of mind during times of low turbulence.

Risks for Fort Worth Homes 

Fort Worth’s position in North Texas makes homes especially susceptible to damage caused by extreme weather. This area is known to produce supercell thunderstorms, which can lead to incredible hail and fearsome tornadoes. This type of weather can wreak havoc on an area, damaging if not decimating homes and neighborhoods.

Beyond these examples, other risks exist that may necessitate Fort Worth home insurance:

  • Flooding – Flash flooding can cause damage to your home and the personal property inside. 
  • Fire – Fires do not discriminate and can happen in any home and at any time. Not only do their flames burn wood flooring and walls, but smoke and water can cause further damage. 
  • Vandalism – Thieves can find opportunities wherever they look. If your home lacks visible security devices, sits on a well-to-do block, or is otherwise exposed, it may be a target for a break-in. 

Is Your Home Currently Protected from Risks? 

If you currently have Fort Worth, TX home insurance, you may not know what it covers. This could leave you on the hook for expensive, out-of-pocket repairs or, in worse case scenarios, unable to find a place to relocate should your home be rendered uninhabitable.

Most Fort Worth home insurance policies should cover the basics:

  • Broken windows
  • Fire and smoke damage 
  • Hail and wind damage 
  • Lightning damage 
  • Damage to personal property, like appliances and furniture 
  • Personal injury 

If you’re concerned about damage from flooding, you should know that basic coverage typically excludes damage from rising waters. However, to be certain as to what your current Fort Worth, TX home insurance policy covers, make sure to reach out to your agent.

What Type of Home Insurance Is Right for You? 

Home insurance isn’t usually required by law. However, your mortgage company or lender may require you to carry some sort of coverage. This helps to reduce their risk in lending to you and protects them should your home become damaged before you’re able to pay them back.

If this is the case for you, you should know what level of coverage they require and what your current policy entails. When you’re looking at Fort Worth, TX home insurance options, you’ll likely have four coverage choices to choose from:

  • No Frills – This basic coverage will offer some protection for your home. However, it usually doesn’t meet the standards required by most mortgage lenders. 
  • Named Perils – This type of coverage will only cover damage done to your home when it’s caused by specifically named threats or perils. These perils will be listed in your policy. 
  • Broad – This policy serves as a middle point between basic and more comprehensive coverage. Typically, your home is insured for physical damage, unless it’s caused by something specifically excluded in the written policy. Your personal property within the home will only be protected against named perils, too. 
  • Comprehensive – This policy is the most extensive and expensive. Your home and personal property should be protected by almost all perils unless that threat is specifically excluded in the policy. 

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.