Home Insurance in Lubbock, TX

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Homeowners Insurance In Lubbock

Lubbock residents often deal with property damage caused by high winds. Home insurance in Lubbock can cover restoration costs or even reconstruction expenses in the event of major damage. HUB International provides the coverage that a homeowner in Lubbock needs should a disaster strike. Get in touch with VIU by HUB today to build a homeowners policy that covers your residence along with any additional property or liability coverage that you need.

What Home Insurance Covers

Homeowners insurance is useful when you need to cover the costs of damage restoration or rebuilding after a disaster. This insurance can apply to accidental fire, damage caused by adverse weather or water damage. Policyholders should review which types of damage are covered under a home insurance policy and determine whether to get additional coverage through HUB International. After a severe weather event in Lubbock, policyholders can make claims to cover any of the following recovery costs:

  • Restoration: Home insurance covers most damage caused to your home by fire, storms or water. Most policies exclude flood and sewer damage, which is available as additional coverage. Make a claim in the event of a disaster to offset costs associated with cleanup and repairs.
  • Reconstruction: Rebuilding a home that has suffered major damage due to a tornado or another disaster can be very costly. The right homeowners policy will cut down on out-of-pocket expenses at difficult times. Make sure that the terms and limits of a policy correspond to the value of your home.
  • Living expenses: Home insurance in Lubbock can also include coverage for living expenses such as a hotel stay and meals if you are not able to reside at your home during cleanup and restoration. Review a policy to determine which benefits are included when you make a claim for a covered peril.

Insure Additional Assets

Many home insurance policies include limited coverage for valuable personal property. If you own valuable items, additional coverage for particular articles set at an agreed value or replacement value can be a good investment in protecting any assets. VIU by HUB can build on a home insurance policy by helping you find the right endorsements, riders or supplementary policies to insure a variety of assets:

  • Art and jewelry: Some of the most valuable items that people own are art and jewelry. While a homeowners policy may include limited property coverage, additional coverage is available for high dollar, rare or unique items.
  • Cars and vehicles: Automotive insurance is required to drive in Texas and can protect another valuable asset. VIU by HUB can help you get all of the coverage you need while at home or on the road.
  • Flood damage: Additional coverage is necessary for damage caused by flooding. Flooding in Lubbock tends to occur due to heavy rain.
  • Earthquake damage: Earthquakes in Lubbock are rare and are seldom felt by residents, but they do occur. Complete home insurance in Lubbock can provide protection in the event of any potential cause of property damage.

Damage from disasters such as floods and earthquakes is excluded from most homeowner’s policies. While these events have not historically occurred often in Lubbock, more complete coverage can provide a homeowner with greater peace of mind under any circumstances. You can also get personal umbrella insurance for additional liability coverage on top of the limited coverage in your home insurance policy.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.