Home Insurance in The Woodlands, TX

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Protect Your Property In The Woodlands, Texas

Homeowners in The Woodlands, Texas, (TX) have made a wise investment in one of the fastest growing communities in Texas with high levels of resident satisfaction. The population of this area has increased by over 10% in recent years, and home values are up 11% year over year. Get protection from property damage with home insurance in The Woodlands. VIU by HUB brokers help property owners get the best deals on policies that provide the coverage you need for peace of mind. 

What Homeowners Insurance Covers

Homes in The Woodlands, TX are increasing in value. The median home listing value in this community has increased more than 11% year over year. Homeowners in this area should maintain home insurance to offset the cost of repairing property damage. A good policy will minimize out-of-pocket costs for any restoration or rebuilding work that is necessary to preserve the value of a residence. Here are three common perils covered by most home insurance in The Woodlands:

  • Fire damage: A fire can cause minor to major damage to a home. Homeowners insurance covers cleanup and repair costs up to a policy limit.
  • Storm damage: Severe storms that bring hail, strong winds and lightning can pose a threat of property damage. Home insurance covers the exterior and interior of a residence in The Woodlands.
  • Water damage: Water damage caused by a broken pipe or another covered peril can be mitigated and restored with less out-of-pocket costs when a home is insured. Flooding is excluded from most home insurance policies.

Additional Coverage That Fits Your Life

A homeowner’s insurance policy protects one of the most valuable, if not the most valuable, asset you own. These policies may have cut outs or exclusions for certain types of damage. While flooding is rare in The Woodlands, TX and only tends to occur in surrounding areas, you can prepare for this hazard by getting supplementary flood coverage. Here are a few types of disaster and valuable asset coverage to round out the protection home insurance in The Woodlands provides:

  • Flood insurance: A flood policy covers damage caused by heavy rains or rising bodies of surface water. While flooding risks are low in The Woodlands, owners of homes located on flood plains should have flood coverage.
  • Personal umbrella: A personal umbrella policy provides liability coverage. This coverage can raise the liability limit of a homeowners insurance policy.
  • Art insurance: Fine art decorating a home in The Woodlands can be protected against damage due to accident, fire, natural disasters or theft. Find out how to ensure these valuables at home and during shipping and loaning.
  • Jewelry insurance: Owners of expensive jewelry may need more extensive coverage than a home insurance policy provides. Additional coverage for jewelry can ensure that valuable pieces are protected.
  • Auto insurance: Get the perfect policy for every vehicle in your family’s fleet and any collectible cars. Replacement and agreed value policies are available through VIU by HUB.

A VIU by HUB broker can help you find the best home insurance in The Woodlands, TX and take out any other policies necessary to protect your most valuable possessions. Personal liability coverage can effectively raise the limits on liability coverage in other policies. Discuss all of the options available for complete protection with a VIU by HUB broker today.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.