Home Insurance in Killeen, TX

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Get the Home Protection Central Texans Need

The housing market in Killeen, TX has been ranked as the most affordable in the United States. If you are a homeowner in central Texas, it's vital to protect your investment with home insurance in Killeen.

Whether you live in the southeast part of the city close to Harker Heights, near Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport or farther north by Long Branch Park, your investment deserves the best protection you can get. The experts at VIU by HUB can develop a policy based on your individual needs.

Security for Weather-Related Conditions

The climate in central Texas brings a variety of weather conditions to Killeen, TX residents. While the law does not require homeowners to have a home insurance policy unless they owe money on it, it is a good idea to have home insurance in Killeen that covers weather-related possibilities such as:

  • High winds: Usually accompanied by storms, high wind speed can knock down branches or trees that fall on roofs or power lines.
  • Severe storms: Unstable weather patterns can cause thunderstorms that bring heavy rain, wind, hail and lightning, all of which have the potential to cause damage to your home.
  • Tornadoes: Central Texas is within Tornado Alley, which is the area of the country where tornadoes occur most frequently. A tornado can cause significant destruction to a home.
  • Flooding: Sudden, heavy rain can cause flooding, especially in areas of lower elevation or near lakes and streams. Flood insurance is a separate policy you can discuss with your VIU by HUB broker.

Home insurance in Killeen can help homeowners cover their properties against weather-related incidents.

Coverage for Fire and Theft

Unfortunately, vandalism and theft can frequently occur in Killeen. While some neighborhoods have higher rates than others, property crime can happen anywhere. A home insurance policy can cover you in the event your home falls victim to vandals or burglars.

Fires can take place anywhere, too. Side effects of fire damage include smoke and water damage. The experts at VIU by HUB can set you up with home insurance in Killeen, TX that covers losses due to fire, water and smoke.

Ways To Lower Your Home Insurance Premium

Even in an affordable housing market, home insurance can be a significant component of your budget. There are several steps you can take to lower your premiums. Consider making these changes:

  • Higher deductible: If you can set aside enough money to cover a higher deductible, it's an excellent way to lower the amount you pay each month. If you make a claim, you'll need to meet your deductible first, so make sure you can afford it.
  • Improvements against disaster: Talk to your agent about steps you can take to make your home more resistant to wind, rain or other disasters, such as reinforcing your roof or upgrading your HVAC and electrical systems.
  • Security systems: Consider installing burglar alarms, deadbolt locks and sprinkler systems. You may be able to get insurance discounts for these improvements.
  • Good credit record: A higher credit score can lead to lower premiums on home insurance in Killeen. Do what you can to maintain a good credit record.
  • Regular policy review: If you have retired, sold high-value possessions or made other significant changes, your agent may find policy changes that you can make to reduce your premium. Regular policy review is essential to ensure that coverage meets your current needs.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.