Home Insurance in Amarillo, TX

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Lower Out of Pocket Costs

Homeowners in Amarillo who have insurance reduce the out-of-pocket cost of repairing damage caused by fire, water or storms. VIU by HUB brokers can recommend the right home insurance in Amarillo TX for any residence in this city or the surrounding Panhandle region. In the event that a covered peril occurs, policyholders make claims to offset the costs of restoring external or internal property damage. VIU by HUB brokers can also suggest additional policies for more comprehensive personal property and liability coverage.

What Homeowners Insurance Covers

An insured home in Amarillo is protected against hazards that range from fire to storm and water damage. It is important to check to see which hazards are covered by home insurance in Amarillo TX. Protection levels and the types of damage that are cut out or excluded may vary across policies. Documenting damage is the first step toward making a claim. A VIU by HUB broker can help you find a homeowners policy that covers the following perils:

  • Fire: Fire is one of the most potentially disastrous hazards and can result in partial or total loss. The arid climate in Amarillo increases residential fire risks.
  • Water: Water damage due to a broken pipe or another covered peril is also covered by most homeowners insurance. The cause of damage may not be covered, and flood damage is typically excluded from home insurance.
  • Storm: Storms damage homes in Amarillo on a regular basis. Homeowners insurance can cover the cost of exterior and interior repairs up to a policy limit.

How To Get Supplemental Coverage

Homeowners in Amarillo should be able to get a sufficient base level of protection through home insurance. Additional coverage for perils such as flooding and earthquakes and other options for additional liability or valuable coverage are also available. A VIU by HUB broker can recommend the right approach to combining home insurance in Amarillo TX with any of the following endorsements, riders or additional policies:

  • Flood insurance: Flooding is unlikely to occur in Amarillo, but can be caused by heavy rain. Owners of homes prone to flooding need a separate flood insurance policy in addition to homeowners insurance.
  • Earthquake insurance: Earthquakes are also rare occurrences in the Texas Panhandle, but coverage for these events may reduce out-of-pocket costs to repair minor to moderate property damage.
  • Auto insurance: The state of Texas requires that drivers in Amarillo and Potter and Randall counties have car insurance. Get a policy that meets or exceeds the statewide minimum 30/60/25 requirements for injury and property damage coverage.
  • Valuables insurance: Jewelry, fine art and other high-dollar or rare personal possessions may require additional insurance coverage. Homeowner’s policies only provide a limited amount of coverage to restore or replace the contents of a home.
  • Personal Umbrella: Increase the amount of liability coverage provided by home insurance with a personal umbrella policy. These policies provide protection against legal liability at home and can supplement other insurance policies.

Whether you just need home insurance in Amarillo TX or want to upgrade your level of protection at home and on the go, a VIU by HUB broker can point you toward the best policies. It may be possible to save money on insurance by holding additional coverage for liability or specific types of hazards. A broker can identify ways for policyholders to save on insurance premiums.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.