Home Insurance in Irving, TX

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Coming Home to Irving

Irving, Texas stands as one of the largest cities in the state with over 230,000 residents. Incorporated in 1914, this city sits between Dallas and DFW airport, making it also home to several corporate giants, including ExxonMobil, CitiGroup, Verizon and Microsoft. Las Colinas, one of the nation’s first master-planned communities, is located entirely within Irving and is considered one of the most upscale neighborhoods within North Texas. Just north of Las Colinas is Valley Ranch, another master-planned community with over 4,000 single-family homes. The South Irving and North Irving areas are also home to many residents. 

Irving experienced major growth over the years due to its prime location between the DFW and Dallas Love Field airports. Major highways such as Interstate 635, the President George Bush Turnpike and State Highways 183 and 114 facilitate mobility for residents and commuters alike. The Orange Line of Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s light rail system serves Irving, adding to its appeal as a place to call home. The median home prices in Las Colinas and Valley Ranch respectively are $598K and $425K, emphasizing the need for having sufficient home insurance in Irving, TX.

Protecting Your Investment

What happens if a thief steals valuable belongings from your home? What if a tornado destroys your house? Can you afford to replace those belongings or your home? You need to have home insurance in Irving, TX to protect your finances in the event of a major loss or damage involving your castle. Some of the features you can expect in a home insurance policy include the following:

  • Coverage against theft and vandalism
  • Coverage for damages caused by fire, smoke, certain weather events and riots
  • Coverage for injuries experienced by others in your residence, 

Not all policies are created equal. Some offer coverages for water damage, falling objects, earthquakes or even war. When contemplating home insurance in Irving, TX, it’s important to be clear about what a policy includes when it comes to the particulars of your residence.

A typical policy has a liability limit. This is the dollar amount of coverage for your home. Several of the nicest homes in Irving, TX, run into millions of dollars in value, so it’s important to have enough coverage for your home. The premium, which can be paid on an annual, semi-annual or monthly basis, is what you’ll pay to have home insurance in Irving, TX. Should your property experience covered damages, as the insured you’ll be expected to pay a deductible out of pocket. This deductible is taken out of the total payment which will be decided on by a claims adjuster who works for your insurer. Keep in mind that the lower your premium, the higher your deductible. 

Discussing the Dollars

When it comes to procuring home insurance in Irving, TX, there are different options when it comes to the amount of protection offered by policy:

  • Actual cash value: Least expensive and based on the initial price of the home and belongings, accounting for depreciation
  • Replacement cost value: Pricier and accounts for the money required to replace a destroyed home, irrespective of depreciation
  • Extended replacement cost coverage: Most expensive, and based on the cost to rebuild and replace items, even if that exceeds the initial price

Take a look at your situation and see what makes sense for your particular needs as an Irving resident. It’s important to know the type of policy you have before you experience major damages or losses.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.