Home Insurance in North Richland Hills, TX

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Coverage That Matches Your Home's Value

North Richland Hills, Texas, (TX) residents take pride in their community. That's why you need an insurance policy that matches the worth of your home while offering the best value for your money. Whether you live on the north end near Adventure World Playground or closer to Interstate 820 TEXpress, the staff at VIU by HUB can prepare a North Richland Hills home insurance policy designed for you.

Homes everywhere are vulnerable to theft, vandalism and fire, and the city of NRH is no exception. The Neighborhood Crime Watch program can help, but a sound homeowners insurance policy is there for you if the unexpected happens.

Get the Coverage North Texans Need

A North Richland Hills, TX home insurance policy typically includes coverage for weather events that can happen in our area. Homeowners can be affected by:

  • Thunderstorms: Storms can lead to heavy rain, high winds and hail. Trees and power lines can fall, causing damage to homes and neighborhoods.
  • Tornadoes: NRH is located in the infamous Tornado Alley. Our area can experience tornadoes that cause heavy damage. Most tornadoes occur in the spring, but a tornado-triggering warm spell can happen almost any time of year.
  • Earthquakes: Earthquake faults beneath the Fort Worth area have the potential to cause tremors that can damage your home or belongings. Earthquake damage is typically covered under a separate policy.
  • Flooding: While some areas are more susceptible to high water, any place can flood, especially after heavy rain. Flood insurance is a separate policy available to homeowners.

Talk to a VIU by HUB representative to learn more about what is covered by a North Richland Hills home insurance policy.

Go Beyond Basic Coverage

Some homeowners need more than the fundamentals. Make sure your policy provides coverage that works for your unique situation. You may consider a plan that includes:

  • Rental properties
  • Seasonal properties
  • Residential dwellings under construction or going through a major remodeling project
  • Short-term rentals
  • High-value homeowners
  • Higher limits to replace jewelry, fine art or other valuables that are lost, stolen or destroyed
  • Automatic $2,000,000 personal liability
  • Unlimited coverage for a building or outbuildings

If you aren't sure your North Richland Hills home insurance policy covers enough for you, talk to a VIU by HUB broker.

Protect Everything Inside Your Home

A home insurance policy covers more than the roof and walls. It protects the belongings that make your home a haven. If you experience a peril that takes away some of your hard-earned belongings, valued heirlooms or fine works of art, your policy can cover the monetary value of your losses, offering you some peace of mind. While a good security system can deter theft or vandalism, the unexpected can still occur, and your North Richland Hills, TX home insurance policy is there when you need it.

Legal assistance and liability protection are also available in the event an accident takes place within your home. While no one wants to think of the possibility of a guest getting injured during a visit to your house, it can happen. Unfortunately, sometimes these incidents lead to physical or emotional injury. Your North Richland Hills home, TX insurance policy can help with the costs of any legal or financial implications that go along with an accident in your home.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.