Home Insurance in San Marcos, TX

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Protect Your San Marcos, Texas Home

Property owners in the Greater Austin area need homeowners insurance in San Marcos, Texas, (TX). Policyholders reduce the out-of-pocket cost of repairing property damage with the right home policy from VIU by HUB. Contact a broker to discuss your coverage needs. A home located in San Marcos or Hays, Caldwell or Guadalupe counties is a valuable investment, as the median listing home price in this part of the Austin metro area is up nearly 30% year over year.

Why To Insure Your Home

A home in San Marcos is a large asset that requires maintenance in order to retain its full value. In addition to being an investment, your home is a place of comfort and care. Homeowners insurance in San Marcos TX can provide peace of mind regarding damage caused by covered perils such as fire, water or storms. Insuring your home can provide three types of coverage:

  • Damage: A home insurance policy specifies covered perils. Damage due to fire, storms or water is typically covered by homeowners insurance policies up to a set limit. Other damage may be cut out or excluded from a policy and require an endorsement, rider or supplemental coverage.
  • Expenses: In the event that a disaster renders your home in San Marcos uninhabitable, home insurance can reduce out-of-pocket expenses on accommodations and food during restoration. Confirm the limit on living expenses in any policy, factoring in your family or household size.
  • Rebuilding: Damage that results in a partial or total loss may require that portions or entirety of a home be rebuilt. Homeowners insurance covers these costs up to the policy limit. A policy may also include coverage for living expenses during this process up to a set limit.

Options for Complete Coverage

When you contact a VIU by HUB broker about homeowners insurance in San Marcos TX, you may have a sense of the level of coverage you need. One of our brokers can assess your situation and help you determine the best approach to insuring your home and obtaining any additional coverage you need. Beyond a standard home insurance policy, any of the following options could provide more complete protection for your home, possessions and other valuable assets:

  • Flood insurance: Flooding is not covered under most home insurance, but could be a hazard in San Marcos due to heavy rain or rising bodies of surface water. VIU by HUB helps homeowners obtain flood coverage.
  • Liability insurance: A personal umbrella policy provides additional liability coverage for the owner of a residence. This policy goes beyond the liability limit of a home insurance policy.
  • Valuables insurance: Owners of fine art, jewelry or other high dollar, rare or unique items need additional coverage. Agreed value or replacement cost coverage may be available.
  • Automotive insurance: Car insurance through VIU by HUB can protect other valuable possessions. As the Greater Austin area becomes more populated and traffic intensifies, it is important to protect against every possible risk at home and on the road.

Whether you want a simple homeowners policy or need riders, endorsements or additional policies for more peace of mind, VIU by HUB provides a wide range of coverage options. A broker can help you assess and compare policies and determine the perfect combination of policies and options for your home in San Marcos and any other valuable assets.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.