Home Insurance in College Station, TX

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Protect Your Home with High-Quality Insurance

Home to Texas A&M University's main campus, College Station, TX, has a population of nearly 114,000 spanning dozens of neighborhoods. From modest styles for new families to luxury homes, the city offers a bit of everything. Regardless of which neighborhood your home is in, you'll want to have home insurance in College Station TX. After all, protecting your family and the place you call home after a long day is important. 

Why You Need to Insure Your Home

Home insurance in College Station TX, is not legally required, but that doesn't mean you don't need it. There are plenty of good reasons to keep an insurance policy on your home, one of which is that your mortgage lender probably requires it. If you don't purchase it yourself, your lender will provide a forced coverage policy, which is much more expensive.

Insurance also protects you if your home is lost or severely damaged due to a fire, natural disaster, or another unexpected occurrence. Sometimes, a situation occurs that doesn't damage your home but does cause you to lose the items within. Depending on the type of insurance you have, it may cover these situations as well.

Did you know that someone who is injured on your property may have the legal grounds to sue you? A proper homeowners' insurance policy can protect you against a lawsuit for many types of injuries, including if your dog bites someone. The coverage will also cover the injured person's medical bills.

Finally, possessing an insurance policy gives you peace of mind. Chances are you'll never need to use your coverage, but if the unexpected does happen, knowing you have that safety net will help.

What To Consider When Purchasing Home Insurance

Before purchasing home insurance in College Station TX, it's important to understand what it covers. Most importantly, your policy covers damage or destruction of the home itself, structures such as garages or storage sheds, and personal property like furniture and clothing. Most policies cover other types of situations as well.

  • Loss of Use —If your home isn't safe to live in, your insurance will cover rent, food, and other living expenses related to living elsewhere during the repair process.
  • Medical Bills —If someone is hurt on your property, or if your dog bites someone on another person's property, your home insurance will cover the related medical bills.
  • Personal Liability —This part of the coverage goes beyond medical bills. It also covers someone's lost wages or other bills related to having been injured on your property.

Keep in mind that the cost of your policy is based on your risk factor. If the previous homeowners had claims, the home is not in good condition, or the neighborhood is high in crime, expect to pay more for your policy. Of course, comparing quotes and bundling policies can help you to save money.

Supplemental Insurance Coverage You May Need

Remember, your homeowner's insurance won't cover every situation. For this reason, consider additional policies as add-ons for your home coverage. For example, flooding isn't typically covered in a natural disaster policy, especially if the flooding is due to a leak. You'll need separate coverage for that. Termites, rats, and other pests also don't fall under most home insurance College Station TX policies. Damage related to earth movement, wind, hail, and fallen trees isn't usually covered either. Finally, although your homeowners' insurance does cover theft, it won't if you're gone for more than a specific amount of time outlined in the policy. You'll also want to further insure any expensive jewelry, electronics, or other valuables. 

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.