Auto Insurance in Conshohocken, PA

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Why Do You Need Car Insurance in Conshohocken, PA?

Although Conshohocken, Pennsylvania used to be an industrial center, it's a quiet suburb now. A popular destination for people who work in Philadelphia but don't want to live there, Conshohocken is a small and safe suburb. While its crime rate is low, it's still essential to have car insurance in Conshohocken PA from one of our VIU by HUB brokers. If you're not sure why you need auto insurance, read on to learn about the top reasons.

Accidents Are Expensive Without Car Insurance

Whether you get into a fender-bender at a stoplight on Fayette Street or total your car on Elm Street, car accidents are expensive. If you're liable for an accident, you're responsible for damages to your car, damages to the other party's vehicle, and medical bills for everyone involved. You also must cover property damage if you break a guardrail or run into someone's fence or house.

Car insurance in Conshohocken PA includes both car replacement coverage and liability coverage. That way, you don't have to worry about footing the bill for your own damages and the ones you cause to other motorists. Having auto insurance is critical for preserving your wallet.

Car Insurance Is Legally Required

The state of Pennsylvania recognizes that car accidents are usually prohibitively expensive, so all PA motorists are required to have car insurance. While you're not required to have replacement coverage for your own vehicle, you must hold at least $5,000 of vehicle liability insurance for other people's property. You must hold a $15,000 plan for car insurance in Conshohocken PA that covers medical expenses if a single person gets hurt or dies when you're liable for an accident. Also, you need $30,000 of coverage in case two or more people get injured or die during accidents for which you're responsible.

To ensure that drivers comply with these requirements, Pennsylvania police officers ask for your insurance information if they catch you committing a moving violation or driving your car when it's not up to code. They can suspend your driver's license and registration for up to three months if you can't prove that you're insured. They also may charge you at least $300 and make you pay to get your driving privileges back. These fees add up, and relying on public transportation is a hassle; it's best to invest in car insurance in Conshohocken PA.

You Never Know What Could Happen on the Road

No matter how safely you drive or how careful drivers in your area are, you don't know what could happen when you're driving. Accidents are common on major highways and tiny side streets alike. Rather than counting on your skills and trusting other drivers not to drive while distracted or under the influence, invest in liability and replacement cost or agreed value coverage today.

Car insurance in Conshohocken PA is especially important if you have kids. As your kids start learning to drive, your household's likelihood of bumping into another car or damaging a neighbor's property increases. Adding your kids to your insurance plan usually results in higher premiums to account for their greater likelihood of accidents. Still, this coverage is necessary for ensuring that they get through their teen years without losing their licenses or making you declare bankruptcy. 

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.