Auto Insurance in Harrisburg, PA

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Driving in Harrisburg

Residents of Harrisburg typically own one car per household and commute alone to work over a 19 minute drive. In 2018, this Pennsylvania town of around 50,000 people was noted as one of the top 20 cities for safe drivers in the state, based on accident and citation data over the course of a year. People in Harrisburg cherish their cars and understand the value of insurance to safeguard them.

At VIU by HUB, we understand that your vehicle plays an important role in your life. We want to help you protect it, so we provide the most attractive rates on high-quality car insurance in Harrisburg PA.

Why You Need Car Insurance in Harrisburg PA

Car insurance in Harrisburg PA is a necessity to protect yourself, your family, and other drivers. While you may not think you will ever have an accident, sometimes it cannot be avoided. Here are some important reasons to insure your vehicle:

  • Insurance provides financial security. If you cause a collision, you could be held responsible for court fees, medical bills, lost income, or damage to property. Without liability coverage, you'd have to pay these expenses on your own, which could result in significant amounts of debt you'd be forced to take on.
  • The state mandates insurance. Drivers in Pennsylvania may be fined up to $300 and have their license, registration, and tags revoked if they don't carry the required minimum amounts of auto insurance.
  • Lenders require insurance. As a part of the sale or lease of a vehicle, the lender will generally require you to secure it with both comprehensive and collision insurance before you drive off the lot.
  • Insurance protects against devaluation. Your car will probably incur some damage from weather and other natural disasters over its life. Comprehensive insurance allows you to repair your car as these damages occur, helping to maintain its value and recoup your money over the long term.
  • Insurance brings peace of mind. The financial protection that insurance affords your family is worth the premiums you pay. Without insurance coverage, you may find it very difficult to pay for expensive repairs to your car, and losing a vehicle can cause a host of problems for an active family.

Understanding Premiums

Finding the right car insurance in Harrisburg PA starts with reviewing your needs with a representative and discussing your options. Understanding the factors that influence insurance prices can help in making your decision. Here are a few of those factors:

  • Vehicle age: Usually older vehicles are less expensive to insure than newer ones. This is because new vehicles are priced higher on the market, so if a replacement is needed it will cost more for the insurance company. Repair costs are generally higher for newer cars as well because parts for older vehicles are generally easier to obtain.
  • Vehicle make and model: Certain vehicles cost more to insure because of their worth. Luxury vehicles, antique vehicles, and sports cars generally carry higher premiums due to their high market value. 
  • Theft risk: If a car's year, make and model ranks high on the list of frequently stolen vehicles, your insurance premium may be higher.
  • Car features: Certain vehicle safety features may lower insurance premiums, such as anti-lock brakes, electronic stabilizers, automated seat belts, daytime running lights, and air bags.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.