Auto Insurance in Pottstown, PA

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Live, Work and Play in Iron Country

Life in Pottstown began in the early 1700s, but the first iron forge, the introduction of a blast furnace and the establishment of a steel furnace gave rise to notoriety in the metal industries and put this small borough on the map. In fact, Pottstown had a part to play in both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Panama Canal. Celebrating the rich history of this town can be done at Pottsgrove Manor, the home built by the founder of Pottstown. If you prefer to skip the history and spend time outdoors, the Schuylkill River Trail is an invigorating hike.

While just 5.5 square miles in area, there is little about this town to indicate a small-town, rural experience. The tight-knit community feel is reinforced through CARES partnership between the Borough, the Hill School and the Pottstown School District. Neighbors, coworkers and friends all work together to keep their city beautiful and the neighborhoods impressive through a tool loaner program. There are several initiatives in place in Montgomery Country to draw in new residents and engage current members of the community, including revitalizing the downtown areas, erecting vibrant employment centers and creating efficient transportation systems.

A short drive from Pottstown is the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles, where locals and tourists are given a thorough education on the history of transportation in the area. Be impressed with an immersive experience in local road history, and see the vehicles of yesteryear. If you find the antique autos impressive, then you will are sure to love the comprehensive car insurance in Pottstown PA that VIU by HUB offers. We love automobiles too, whether past or present, and our car insurance is what you need to protect your own set of wheels.

Your Need for Car Insurance in Pottstown PA

In its basic form, car insurance with VIU by HUB is a contract between us and you to protect you from the financial losses you may encounter if you are ever in an accident. The right insurance plan prevents a disastrous financial loss either from the costs of medical expenses, repairs or litigation. Though insurance is a smart investment, in the state of Pennsylvania, car insurance is required before you are able to legally drive. Under PA law, insurance coverage is a part of maintaining financial responsibility for your vehicles and driving behaviors.

Failing to carry the required insurance can lead to severe penalties. These can include:

  • Suspension of vehicle registration privilege for three months
  • Suspended driver’s license for three months
  • Minimum fine of $300
  • Restoration fees for both driver’s license and vehicle registration
  • Vehicle impoundment

Your Requirements for Car Insurance in Pottstown PA

By choosing VIU by HUB, you can meet the private automobile insurance requirements for PA. Though there are many coverages that are optional, the following are mandated by state law.

  • Medical benefits with a minimum limit of $5,000 in coverage for you and others on your policy
  • Bodily injury liability with a minimum of $15,000 in coverage for one person and a $30,000 minimum for a total available per accident
  • Property damage liability with a $5,000 minimum in coverage

These may be minimum amounts, but our experts at VIU by HUB advise on carrying adequate insurance for your specific liabilities. This is what sets our team apart from others offering car insurance in Pottstown PA. We work closely with you to make sure you have the right coverage types and at the right limits for your financial situation.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.